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October-December 2008 - Volume 25 - Issue 4
pp: 183-236



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Self-Injury Behavior: How Can Nurses HELP?

Goodman Lesniak, Rhonda Lynn

Journal of Christian Nursing. 25(4):186-193, October-December 2008.

It's hard to understand why someone would deliberately hurt him or herself. Yet 12% to13% of teens self-injure. To facilitate healing, nurses need to know how—and how not to help.

A Christian Response to SUICIDE: Lessons From ZIMBABWE

Cooper, Ross G.

Journal of Christian Nursing. 25(4):196-197, October-December 2008.

Over-the-counter medications are used worldwide for suicide attempt. Learn about chloroquine overdose in Zimbabwe and a Christian response.



CAN IN-SERVICE Education HELP Prepare Nurses for Spiritual Care?

Cerra, Anna; Fitzpatrick, Joyce J.

Journal of Christian Nursing. 25(4):204-209, October-December 2008.

This pilot study testing the effect of a 2-hour class on staff nurses' spiritual perspectives yielded promising results.

HOW Nursing Intersects With Disaster Relief Planning

Busby, Steven; Speraw, Susan; Young, Elizabeth

Journal of Christian Nursing. 25(4):213-218, October-December 2008.

Some nurses feel theory is good for ivory tower academics but not the real world. Discover how nursing theory is useful for disaster management.