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October-December 2007 - Volume 24 - Issue 4
pp: 180-232



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Sorting Through the Stem Cell Hype

Sullivan, Dennis M.; Schoonover-Shoffner, Kathy

Journal of Christian Nursing. 24(4):182-189, October-December 2007.

Recent media reports imply amazing stem cell treatments are ahead for Alzheimer's dementia, spinal chord injury, Parkinson's, and other ailments. What does the evidence show? Learn more about stem cells, transplantation, current research, and the embryonic stem cell debate.

Hospital or 5 Star Hotel: How's Your Customer Service?

Rhoades, Scott

Journal of Christian Nursing. 24(4):192-193, October-December 2007.

New Testament Scriptures admonish us to be given to hospitality. These strategies help us reach exemplary hospitality in our nursing care.

Ready, Set,… Rest?

Dameron, Carrie M.

Journal of Christian Nursing. 24(4):194-198, October-December 2007.

Nurses are notoriously overworked and overcommitted. An ancient gift God gave to the Israelites can help us from becoming overwhelmed.

Gene Therapy Restoring Health

Sullivan, Dennis M.; Salladay, Susan A.

Journal of Christian Nursing. 24(4):199-205, October-December 2007.

Gene therapy for cystic fibrosis or to enhance intelligence? Advances in human genomics are opening up numerous possibilities—along with difficult moral and spiritual questions. How does Scripture guide us?

Striving for Perfection: Can We Go Too Far?

Meyer, Kimberley R.

Journal of Christian Nursing. 24(4):206-211, October-December 2007.

Medical enhancement technologies—cosmetic surgery, Botox, anabolic steroids, growth hormones—improve functioning and can help people live better lives. But are there unanticipated consequences?

After Katrina: Riding Out the Storm

Dubuisson, Wanda C.

Journal of Christian Nursing. 24(4):212-215, October-December 2007.

In the midst of the mass destruction and loss following the August 29, 2005 Hurricane Katrina, God proved himself faithful to this nursing school.