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January-March 2007 - Volume 24 - Issue 1
pp: 5-46

Good Out Of HIV/AIDS?

Tazelaar, Grace

Journal of Christian Nursing. 24(1):8-14, January-March 2007.

HIV/AIDS has ravaged Africa since its discovery 25 years ago. Has anything positive come from the disease? This missionary nurse who served on the forefront of the pandemic in Uganda when HIV was emerging thinks so. Read profound lessons God taught her

Glimpses of HIV/AIDS Around the Globe


Journal of Christian Nursing. 24(1):19-21, January-March 2007.

Encounter HIV/AIDS in Africa, India, Thailand, and China with a nurse working to make a difference. Discover with her that although there is much evil, God is at work.

The Faces of AIDS

Beard, Betty J.

Journal of Christian Nursing. 24(1):22-25, January-March 2007.

There are millions of AIDS orphans in Africa; most never knew their parents. One nurse researcher and her husband began creating special memories of dying parents for their children.

Sexual Practices and HIV: How Can Nurses Respond?


Journal of Christian Nursing. 24(1):26-29, January-March 2007.

Caring for clients who are HIV+, promiscuous or homosexual can feel awkward. But obtaining a sexual health history and offering sensitive spiritual care is crucial for these patients who often feel isolated and stigmatized.

Generating HOPE

Diggins, Kristene

Journal of Christian Nursing. 24(1):30-31, January-March 2007.

Healthcare providers sometimes inadvertently lose hope when caring for patients with a terminal illness. How can nurses generate hope and pass it on to our patients?


Eight Advocacy Roles For Parish Nurses

Patterson, Deborah L.

Journal of Christian Nursing. 24(1):33-35, January-March 2007.

Do you see people in your congregation or church neighborhood who fall through the cracks in health care? A parish nurse leader suggests eight ways parish nurses can advocate for change.