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Religion and Ethics in Pluralistic Healthcare Contexts

Reimer-Kirkham, Sheryl; Grypma, Sonya; Terblanche, Landa

Journal of Christian Nursing. 30(1):E1-E6, January/March 2013.

More than 100 nurses from around the world gathered at Trinity Western University, Langley, British Columbia, Canada for the 2012 Faith & Nursing Symposium: Religion and Ethics in Pluralistic Healthcare Contexts (May 10–12, 2012). Read about this landmark conference, how nursing is (re)engaging with religion, and find abstracts from over 40 presenters in this online open-access article.

Creating a Culture for Evidence-Based Practice in the Faith Community

Lashley, Mary

Journal of Christian Nursing. 30(3):158-163, July/September 2013.

There is little research that addresses the impact of faith community nursing (FCN) on health outcomes or evaluates FCN programs. How can FCNs bring research into the faith community and build evidence-based practice?The CE test for this article is available only online at

Faith Community/Parish Nurse Literature: Exciting Interventions, Unclear Outcomes

Dandridge, Robyn

Journal of Christian Nursing. 31(2):100-107, April/June 2014.

Faith community nurses (FCNs) report an impressive amalgamation of services and interventions in professional literature but few outcomes. How can FCNs capture and report outcomes to document their practice?The CE test for this article is available only online at

THE FATHERLESS EPIDEMIC: Transforming Tragedy to Triumph


Journal of Christian Nursing. 23(2):26-30, April 2006.

While the impact of fatherlessness is staggering—accounting for the majority of teen crimes—one nursing school has found a way to introduce troubled teens to the Fatherhood of God.

Teen Depression and Suicide: A Silent Crisis

Kroning, Maureen; Kroning, Kayla

Journal of Christian Nursing. 33(2):78-86, April/June 2016.

How serious is adolescent depression? Around 11% of teens ages 12–17 and 30% of high school students suffered from depression in 2013; 17% contemplated suicide. Learn DSM-5 depression criteria and ways to intervene.

Does Christianity Cause Mental Illness?

Schnorr, Marcia

Journal of Christian Nursing. 30(1):49-51, January/March 2013.

At the time this article was published in 1984, concern about religious beliefs versus true pathology was an issue in psychiatry. Can Christian beliefs impact mental illness?

Nursing in the Mercy Traditions: Engaging Students in the Life of Catherine McAuley

Kwasky, Andrea; Corrigan, Catherine

Journal of Christian Nursing. 33(4):244-248, October/December 2016.

A10-day learning experience trip to Ireland helps nursing students develop a philosophy of mercy care and build cultural competence.

Dealing with Academic Dishonesty: A Redemptive Approach

Nick, Jan M.; Llaguno, Marian

Journal of Christian Nursing. 32(1):50-54, January/March 2015.

As many as 80% of college students cheat; over half it isn't a serious transgression. How can nurse educators nurture character development and foster integrity in students?

Faith Community Nursing: Supporting Healthy People 2020 Initiatives

Pappas-Rogich, Maria; King, Michalene

Journal of Christian Nursing. 31(4):228-234, October/December 2014.

Can faith community nurses effectively implement Healthy People 2020 program objectives?The CE test for this article is available only online at

Faith Community Nursing Scope of Practice: Extending Access to Healthcare

Balint, Katherine A.; George, Nancy

Journal of Christian Nursing. 32(1):34-40, January/March 2015.

An urban, faith-based, nurse-managed center shows how faith community nurses offering primary prevention, health maintenance, and chronic disease management, extend healthcare.

Tipping the Scales on Obesity: Church-Based Health Promotion for African American Women

Cooper, Kami C.; King, Michalene A.; Sarpong, Daniel F.

Journal of Christian Nursing. 32(1):41-45, January/March 2015.

Learn about project TEACH - Transforming, Empowering, and Affecting Congregation Health, a sustainable faith-based, culturally competent, nutrition and exercise program.

Trauma-Informed Care: Helping Patients with a Painful Past

Koetting, Cathy

Journal of Christian Nursing. 33(4):206-213, October/December 2016.

Life trauma often leads to lifestyle practices that impact the development of chronic disease. Learn about trauma-informed care to deliver superior care to patients that reflects insight into past trauma.