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Spiritual Care: Evangelism at the Bedside?

Taylor, Elizabeth Johnston

Journal of Christian Nursing. 28(4):194-202, October-December 2011.

Explore the ethics of faith sharing in nursing practice in this thoughtful article by spiritual care research and expert, Elizabeth Johnston Taylor.

Faith Community/Parish Nurse Literature: Exciting Interventions, Unclear Outcomes

Dandridge, Robyn

Journal of Christian Nursing. 31(2):100-107, April/June 2014.

What interventions are faith community/parish nurses doing and how should they be classified?

Prayer in Clinical Practice: What Does Evidence Support?

Kim-Godwin, YeounSoo

Journal of Christian Nursing. 30(4):208-215, October/December 2013.

Prayer is a common practice for health and frequently used coping mechanism by patients. Because the form and significance of prayer may be different for each patient, nurses need to accommodate patients' choices of a particular form of prayer.

Feeling Shame: Insights on Intimate Partner Violence

Zarif, Marjan

Journal of Christian Nursing. 28(1):40-45, January-March 2011.

Intimate partner violence (IPV) is a serious health issue; however, many healthcare providers do not routinely administer screening. Learn about risk factors, screening methods, and intervention.

Nursing and Spirituality: What Happened to Religion?

Smith, Amy Rex

Journal of Christian Nursing. 26(4):216-222, October-November-December 2009.

Spirituality in nursing is emerging as a generic concept, void of religious connotation. Yet for Christians, both spirituality and religion are valid and needed. How can religion be reintegrated into practice and research?

Bullying in Nursing: Roots, Rationales, and Remedies

Szutenbach, Mary Pat

Journal of Christian Nursing. 30(1):16-23, January/March 2013.

Bullying, lateral violence, horizontal hostility--no matter what you call it, this is a problem in nursing. Read about root causes for bullying and discover solutions anyone can implement in their work place.

Spread the Word, Not the Germs: A Toolkit for Faith Communities

Reilly, Janet Resop; Hovarter, Rebecca; Mrochek, Tracy; More

Journal of Christian Nursing. 28(4):205-211, October-December 2011.

How can churches help prevent the spread of infection and prepare for disasters? Discover and download the FREE Infection Control and Emergency Preparedness Toolkit for the Faith Community.

Challenges and Trends in Global Healthcare Missions

Tazelaar, Grace

Journal of Christian Nursing. 28(3):152-157, July-September 2011.

The world is changing with astonishing speed. How is change impacting healthcare missions and the vision to bring health and healing among all peoples of the world?

Faith Community/Parish Nursing: What's in a Name?

Patterson, Deborah L.; Slutz, Mary

Journal of Christian Nursing. 28(1):31-33, January-March 2011.

What is the significance of the title "Parish Nurse" in the Christian tradition? Does "Parish Nurse" convey the same thing as "Faith Community Nurse?"