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These articles offer excellent content with an added bonus: American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) accredited continuing education hours for the specialty practice of Faith Community Nursing, good for relicensure in all 50 states.
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The Family Meal Challenge: A Faith-Based Intervention to Empower Families

Fruh, Sharon M.; Mulekar, Madhuri S.; Crook, Errol; More

Journal of Christian Nursing. 35(3):191-197, July/September 2018.

Discover an easily implemented education program to help families in your faith community eat heatlhy meals and build family bonds.

Value and Meaning of Faith Community Nursing: Client and Nurse Perspectives

Mock, Gabrielle Sheridan

Journal of Christian Nursing. 34(3):182-189, July/September 2017.

ABSTRACT: The literature that supports and describes faith community nursing (FCN) practice is extensive, but limited in describing the value and meaning of FCN to the community. A qualitative investigation of one FCN program led to emergence of five themes that illustrate the perceived importance of FCN to this community: tasks and services offered, nursing expertise, spirituality, familiarity, and community support. This exploration reveals the deeper value and meaning of FCN to the communities these nurses support.

Promoting Compliance When Faith Gets in the Way

Haynes, Barbara Lodge

Journal of Christian Nursing. 34(2):112-119, April/June 2017.

Sixty-six percent of U.S. Christians report they believe God can heal supernaturally, 68% have prayed for someone to be healed supernaturally by God, and 27% state they have experienced a miraculous physical healing. Christians who hold such beliefs may struggle with seeking and adhering to a prescribed healthcare regimen, as well as experience shame. A health education seminar assisting congregants to view healthcare as compatible with faith was implemented and evaluated in a Christian faith community.

Equipping African American Clergy to Recognize Depression

Anthony, Jean Spann; Morris, Edith; Collins, Charles W.; More

Journal of Christian Nursing. 33(4):230-237, October/December 2016.

Many African Americans turn to clergy when depressed, but clergy don’t know how to help or when to refer to mental health services. Nurse developed workshops can train clergy to effectively offer help.

A Compassionate Visitation Program for Church Homebound Elders

Emblen, Julia Quiring

Journal of Christian Nursing. 33(3):172-178, July/September 2016.

This article discusses development of a Compassionate Visitation Program in the faith community for homebound elders, including recruitment and training of visitors, assessment of visitees and their environment, and structure and record keeping of visits.

A Transitional Care Model Using Faith Community Nurses

Ziebarth, Deborah; Campbell, Katora P.

Journal of Christian Nursing. 33(2):112-118, April/June 2016.

Read about an innovative evidence-based model to decrease readmissions using faith communities.

You Are Not Alone: Parish Nurses Bridge Challenges for Family Caregivers

Grebeldinger, Teresa A.; Buckley, Kathleen M.

Journal of Christian Nursing. 33(1):50-56, January/March 2016.

This study reveals four key ways that parish nurses support caregivers.

From Doing to Being: Incorporating Faith into Diabetes Self-Care Education

Ammerman, Cathy Eden; Harden, Kelly; Mitchell, C. Ben

Journal of Christian Nursing. 32(4):224-231, October/December 2015.

Diabetes can seem overwhelming to many. Discover tools that can empower a lifetime commitment to health.

Using the Internet to Increase Physical Activity in a Faith Community

Washington, Enrika; Weed, Latricia Diane; Vardaman, Shellye A.

Journal of Christian Nursing. 32(3):168-173, July/September 2015.

Discover how an Internet intervention to increase physical activity was implemented in one church--and what happened.

(Re)Claiming the Church's Role in Promoting Health: A Practical Framework

Chase-Ziolek, Mary

Journal of Christian Nursing. 32(2):100-107, April/June 2015.

Discover a three-level framework to help faith communities reclaim ministries of health, healing, and wholeness.

Faith Community Nursing Scope of Practice: Extending Access to Healthcare

Balint, Katherine A.; George, Nancy

Journal of Christian Nursing. 32(1):34-40, January/March 2015.

FCNs are meeting growing needs in healthcare, especially for the uninsured. Learn more about FCN scope of practice.

Faith Community Nursing: Supporting Healthy People 2020 Initiatives

Pappas-Rogich, Maria; King, Michalene

Journal of Christian Nursing. 31(4):228-234, October/December 2014.

Learn more about implementing Healthy People 2020 national initiatives in your faith community.

Advance Directives Education: A Critical Need

Kroning, Maureen

Journal of Christian Nursing. 31(4):220-225, October/December 2014.

Help those in your congregation understand and develop an advance health care directive -- before there is a critical need.

Faith Community Nursing: Real Care, Real Cost Savings

Yeaworth, Rosalee C.; Sailors, Ronnette

Journal of Christian Nursing. 31(3):178-183, July/September 2014.

Discover ways to document the impact of faith community nursing and health ministry to stake holders and funding sources. Learn about national denominational health ministry networks.

Faith Community/Parish Nurse Literature: Exciting Interventions, Unclear Outcomes

Dandridge, Robyn

Journal of Christian Nursing. 31(2):100-107, April/June 2014.

This article reviews faith community/parish nurse interventions published in articles between 2008-2013 offering a wealth of ideas and a proposal for classifying interventions using the Nursing Interventions Classification system.

You Are Not Alone: Parish Nurses Bridge Challenges for Family Caregivers

Grebeldinger, Teresa A.; Buckley, Kathleen M.

Journal of Christian Nursing. 33(1):50-56, January/March 2016.

This study of family interactions with faith community/parish nurses reveals four key ways parish nurses provide support and offer implications for practice.

Health Ministry Partnerships: Creating a Habit for Health

Horton, Shalonda E. B.; Alvear, Elizabeth E.; Horton, Daryl L.

Journal of Christian Nursing. 31(1):28-34, January/March 2014.

Can churches and state universities partner to improve the health of a congregation and community? Yes! Learn more about how health ministry partnerships can be effective ways to impact health.

Elder Abuse: Speak Out for Justice

Olson, Jenna M.; Hoglund, Barbara A.

Journal of Christian Nursing. 31(1):14-21, January/March 2014.

The primary group faith community nurses minister to is the elderly. Learn about various types of elder abuse and what you can do to assist elders and families in caring optimally for the aged.

Prayer in Clinical Practice: What Does Evidence Support?

Kim-Godwin, YeounSoo

Journal of Christian Nursing. 30(4):208-215, October/December 2013.

Read research evidence about how prayer makes a difference for the people we care for as nurses.

Creating a Culture for Evidence-Based Practice in the Faith Community

Lashley, Mary

Journal of Christian Nursing. 30(3):158-163, July/September 2013.

How can faith community nurses measure and define outcomes of their practice? Learn more about creating a culture for research and EBP in the church.

Faith Community Nurses & Brown Bag Events Help Older Adults Manage Meds

Shillam, Casey R.; Orton, Valorie J.; Waring, Debbie; More

Journal of Christian Nursing. 30(2):90-96, April/June 2013.

Brown Bag Medication Review events help people understand and organize their meds. Faith community nurses can make a huge difference in the success of these events.

Faith Community Nurses: Protecting Our Elders Through Immunizations

Pappas-Rogich, Maria

Journal of Christian Nursing. 29(4):232-237, October/December 2012.

Vaccination is one of the most important and cost-effective public health interventions for the elderly, yet many elders do not receive routine vaccinations against common problems like influenza. Faith community nurses are in a prime position to help elders get vaccinated!

Compassionately Caring for LGBT Persons in Your Faith Community

Sanders, Sarah

Journal of Christian Nursing. 29(4):208-214, October/December 2012.

The average age a person experiences same sex attraction is 13; the average they "come out" is 15. How can a nurse within a faith community be a healing force for adolescents dealing with this issue? What can we do to ensure that the adults and youth in our churches know they are loved by God?

Unhappy? Low Morale? Try The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace

White, Paul E.

Journal of Christian Nursing. 29(3):144-149, July/September 2012.

What are unique ways you can appreciate and encourage others in your work setting? Learn how to help members of the faith community truly appreciate one another!

Help Patients Defy Diverticular Disease

Moorman, Sandra

Journal of Christian Nursing. 29(2):82-87, April/June 2012.

Millions live with diverticular disease and will come to you for help as a faith community nurse. What can you tell them to assist in managing this life-long problem?

Motivational Interviewing: Helping Patients Move Toward Change

Richardson, Luann

Journal of Christian Nursing. 29(1):18-24, January/March 2012.

Is there a way to talk to people about their health needs that can motivate them toward change and new lifestyle practices? This is a must read for faith community nurses offering health information to their congregation and community.

Helping Human Trafficking Victims In Our Backyard

Belles, Nita

Journal of Christian Nursing. 29(1):30-35, January/March 2012.

Human trafficking is a growing problem. Learn about its prevalence and how to recognize and intervene. Discover ways your congregation can get involved.

Weathering the Storm: Living With Parkinson's Disease

Hermanns, Melinda

Journal of Christian Nursing. 28(2):76-82, April-June 2011.

How can you help those in your congregation living with Parkinson's Disease (PD)? Learn about PD origins, symptoms, treatments, and ways to offer support.

Feeling Shame: Insights on Intimate Partner Violence

Zarif, Marjan

Journal of Christian Nursing. 28(1):40-45, January-March 2011.

Sadly, faith community nurses will encounter domestic and intimate partner violence in the church. Learn how to recognize and respond to this difficult problem. Also read the companion article "Domestic Violence and the Role of the Parish Nurse."

Eating Disorders Today —Not Just a Girl Thing

Hepworth, Kimberly

Journal of Christian Nursing. 27(3):236-241, July-September 2010.

Learn about eating disorder signs and symptoms and be prepared to help the next adolescent or adult who may have an eating disorder in your congregation or circle of friends.

Guys with Eating Disorders: How to Help

Lample, Samuel S.; Gillum, Jan

Journal of Christian Nursing. 27(3):244-246, July-September 2010.

Faith community nurses will encounter eating disorders among the youth and adults of the congregation they serve. Learn how to recognize and serve males with an eating disorder.

Mind, Medications & Mental Disorders: A Spiritual Approach

Oji, Valerie

Journal of Christian Nursing. 27(2):76-83, April-June 2010.

Learn about neuropsychopharmacology and approaches to mental health care, including a therapy helpful for Christians known as Biblical Framework Counseling.

The Stranger Among Us: Ministering Health to Migrants

Bokinskie, Jean C.; Evanson, Tracy A.

Journal of Christian Nursing. 26(4):202-209, October-November-December 2009.

The conditions and discrimination experienced by migrant workers contribute to multiple health problems and disparities. Nurses in the faith community can help meet the health needs of immigrants and their families.

Disability and the Church: How Wide Is Your Door?


Journal of Christian Nursing. 26(3):140-147, July-September 2009.

The faith community is one key for providing support to families with children or other family members with disability. How can churches be more welcoming places for the disabled?

Self-Injury Behavior: How Can Nurses HELP?

Goodman Lesniak, Rhonda Lynn

Journal of Christian Nursing. 25(4):186-193, October-December 2008.

Nurses encounter self-injury behaviors such as cutting or mutilation in practice, among friends in the community, in the church. Learn about SIB and how you can help those struggling with this issue.

Preventable Birth Defects: A Golden Teaching Opportunity

Coakley, Linda N.

Journal of Christian Nursing. 24(3):126-128,130-132, July-September 2007.

What are the long-term effects of drinking alcohol in pregnancy? How can nurses make a difference in their community and churches?