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Exploring Spirituality

  • Creator:   Kathy Schoonover-Shoffner
  • Updated:   9/5/2022
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Care of the spirit, a hallmark of good nursing, is a high priority for Christian nurses. What is known about spirituality and spiritual care? How do we go about offering spiritual care? Learn what researchers, patients, and other experts say makes for good spiritual care. Don't miss the regular JCN column, "FAQs in Spiritual Care" offering practical tips, answers, and insights.
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Spiritual Care: Evangelism at the Bedside?

Taylor, Elizabeth Johnston

Journal of Christian Nursing. 28(4):194-202, October-December 2011.

Recent news stories about Christian nurses sharing beliefs with patients raise questions about ethical spiritual care and sharing one's faith at the bedside. Explore the ethics of faith sharing and find guidance for meaningful spiritual care.

Assessing Religious Commitment and Satisfaction: The Religious Surrender and Attendance Satisfaction Scale

Cyphers, Natalie A.; Clements, Andrea D.

Journal of Christian Nursing. 35(4):250-257, October/December 2018.

The RSASS assess religious commitment and satisfaction with religious commitment and can be used in research, healthcare, or other settings in which understanding of a person's religious commitment would be beneficial.

Spirituality As a Coping Mechanism for Individuals with Parkinson's Disease

Reynolds, Diane

Journal of Christian Nursing. 34(3):190-194, July/September 2017.

ABSTRACT: Parkinson's disease (PD) is a chronic neurodegenerative disease that can render individuals totally disabled. Spiritual practices can help mitigate stress and provide a source of strength in PD. This article demonstrates a gap that exists between PD and spiritual coping specific research; discusses existing spiritual coping research in chronic illness; and explores the use of spirituality in managing PD care. Healthcare providers need to provide holistic care and explore mechanisms to assist individuals to manage the demands of living with PD.

The Experience of Intense Pain: Nursing Management and Interventions

Kiser-Larson, Norma

Journal of Christian Nursing. 34(2):88-96, April/June 2017.

This article offers an autobiographical narrative of complication after surgery. Diagnosis and management of acute compartment syndrome, pain, and nursing interventions for pain, the use of prayer in illness and compassionate caring from a Christian perspective are discussed.

Promoting Compliance When Faith Gets in the Way

Haynes, Barbara Lodge

Journal of Christian Nursing. 34(2):112-119, April/June 2017.

Sixty-six percent of U.S. Christians report they believe God can heal supernaturally, 68% have prayed for someone to be healed supernaturally by God, and 27% state they have experienced a miraculous physical healing. Christians who hold such beliefs may struggle with seeking and adhering to a prescribed healthcare regimen, as well as experience shame. A health education seminar assisting congregants to view healthcare as compatible with faith was implemented and evaluated in a Christian faith community.

Demystifying Nursing Theory: A Christian Nursing Perspective

Schaffer, Marjorie A.; Sandau, Kristin; Missal, Bernita

Journal of Christian Nursing. 34(2):102-107, April/June 2017.

This article briefly explains nursing theory, provides examples for applying theory to nursing practice, and proposes questions for examining the consistency of nursing theories with Christian perspectives.

Perceptions of Spirituality and Spiritual Care in Religious Nurses

Sanders, Lynne; Kopis, Sharon; Moen, Carolyn; More

Journal of Christian Nursing. 33(4):214-219, October/December 2016.

Researchers explored religious nurses’ perceptions of spiritual care, barriers, and the adequacy of their spiritual care education. The results provide evidence for better spiritual care training.

Faith, Hope, and Spirituality: Supporting Parents When Their Child Has a Life-Limiting Illness

Crisp, Cheryl L.

Journal of Christian Nursing. 33(1):14-21, January/March 2016.

Learn from literature, research, and the author's personal experience about how families employ spirituality and coping as their child faces terminal illness.

Meeting Spiritual Needs: A Study Using the Spiritual Care Competence Scale

Hellman, Ann N.; Williams, Wesley E. Jr.; Hurley, Shelia

Journal of Christian Nursing. 32(4):236-241, October/December 2015.

A study was conducted to explore whether nurses possessed the knowledge to assess patients' spirituality and design and implement a plan of spiritual care.

After the Trenches: Spiritual Care of Veterans

Wynn, Stephanie T.

Journal of Christian Nursing. 32(4):219-223, October/December 2015.

Veterans benefit from integrating spiritual care into mental health interventions.

Nurses' Spiritual Care Practices: Becoming Less Religious?

Delgado, Cheryl

Journal of Christian Nursing. 32(2):116-122, April/June 2015.

This study identified spiritual care (SC) practices nurses use, how effective they perceive SC practices to be, and how they felt about providing SC.

Emotional Intelligence and Spiritual Well-Being: Implications for Spiritual Care

Beauvais, Audrey M.; Stewart, Julie G.; DeNisco, Susan

Journal of Christian Nursing. 31(3):166-171, July/September 2014.

Emotional intelligence plays a big role in spiritual care. Learn more.

Spiritual Care in a Crisis: What Is Enough?

Fraley, Hannah; Theissen, Elmer J.; Jiwanlal, Shiloh

Journal of Christian Nursing. 31(3):161-165, July/September 2014.

Offering spiritual care in a crisis is especially difficult. Learn from this nurse's real world situation and insights an ethicist and clinical nurse specialist.

How Do Adolescents Develop Faith and How Can Nurses/Nurse Practitioners Help?

Haley, Janice M.

Journal of Christian Nursing. 31(2):120-126, April/June 2014.

Learn about adolescent cognitive and moral development, and specific faith interventions for use with adolescents.

Depression in Chronic Illness: Does Religion Help?

Koenig, Harold G.

Journal of Christian Nursing. 31(1):40-46, January/March 2014.

Read about exciting research that shows how religion makes a big difference when people are sick.

Prayer in Clinical Practice: What Does Evidence Support?

Kim-Godwin, YeounSoo

Journal of Christian Nursing. 30(4):208-215, October/December 2013.

People of all faiths and walks of life use prayer in health and illness. What does research evidence reveal about prayer and what are best practices for praying with patients?

Spirit-Guided Care: Christian Nursing for the Whole Person

Murphy, Lyn S.; Walker, Mark S.

Journal of Christian Nursing. 30(3):144-152, July/September 2013.

Reflections on Spiritual Care: Methods, Barriers, Recommendations

Bowers, Heather; Rieg, Linda S.

Journal of Christian Nursing. 31(1):47-51, January/March 2014.

Spiritual care is an important nursing skill. These reflections of Christian nurses validate prior research and reveal ways to improve spiritual caregiving.

“Am I Going To Die, Aunt Deborah?”

Rushing, Deborah S.

Journal of Christian Nursing. 29(2):113-115, April/June 2012.

This nurse experienced the death of her 10 year old nephew form Ewing's Sarcoma. She offers insights for helping children and families facing death.

Confident Spiritual Care in a Postmodern World

Salladay, Susan A.

Journal of Christian Nursing. 28(2):102-108, April-June 2011.

In a world where tolerance is embraced and absolute truth questioned, Christian nurses may feel uncertain in giving spiritual care. The Bible offers guidance for being sensitive to postmodern perceptions without being intimidated.

Is Intercessory Prayer Valid Nursing Intervention?

Strang, Cecily Weller

Journal of Christian Nursing. 28(2):92-95, April-June 2011.

In Maasai, Kenya, intercessory prayer (IP) is appropriately used as a healthcare intervention. But in developed countries IP is controversial. Does IP have a place in nursing care in modern, developed countries?

Nursing and Spirituality: What Happened to Religion?

Smith, Amy Rex

Journal of Christian Nursing. 26(4):216-222, October-November-December 2009.

Spirituality in nursing is emerging as a generic concept, void of religious connotation. How does religion fit with spirituality?

From Burden to Spiritual Growth: Korean Students' Experience in a Spiritual Care Practicum

So, Woi Sook; Shin, Hye Sook

Journal of Christian Nursing. 28(4):228-234, October-December 2011.

The moving experience of Korean nursing students offers insights for teaching spiritual care.

Spiritual Care: An Unexpected Lesson

Stryker, Roxanne

Journal of Christian Nursing. 27(1):28-31, January-February-March 2010.

This exemplar, relaying an unexpected lesson in meeting the spiritual needs of an acutely ill patient, is written to encourage nurses in providing holistic care of patients.

CAN IN-SERVICE Education HELP Prepare Nurses for Spiritual Care?

Cerra, Anna; Fitzpatrick, Joyce J.

Journal of Christian Nursing. 25(4):204-209, October-December 2008.

This pilot study testing the effect of a 2-hour class on staff nurses' spiritual perspectives yielded promising results.

Incorporating Spiritual Beliefs Into End-of-Life Care

Browning, Annette M.

Journal of Christian Nursing. 26(1):10-17, January-March 2009.

Little is written about spiritual beliefs in end-of-life decision making. A new GUIDE© helps nurses assess key spiritual needs and issues.

Something More: Presence in Nursing Practice

Smith, Amy Rex

Journal of Christian Nursing. 24(2):82-87, April-June 2007.

Authentic nursing presence with patients can be extremely effective spiritual care. What is presence and how can the practice of Spiritual Direction help nurses be more effective in offering presence to patients?

WHAT HAVE WE LEARNED from Spiritual Care Research?


Journal of Christian Nursing. 22(1):22-29, Winter 2005.

Research with patients and nurses reveals patients want spiritual care. Nurses agree with this but believe not much is done to meet the spiritual needs of patients. How can nurses be more effective in caring spiritually for patients?

When Memory Fails: Helping Dementia Patients Remember God


Journal of Christian Nursing. 23(1):6-14, Winter 2006.

Helping dementia patients engage in spiritual rituals can be an effective way to offer wonderful spiritual care.