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Improving the Work Environment

  • Creator:   Cathy Walker
  • Updated:   9/19/2019
  • Contains:  14 items
Where one works and with whom can make or break workplace satisfaction. These articls offer tips for dealing with conflict and improving one's work environment.

Executive Summary: Transforming Moral Distress into Moral Resilience in Nursing

Rushton, Cynda Hylton; Schoonover-Shoffner, Kathy; Kennedy, Maureen Shawn

Journal of Christian Nursing. 34(2):82-86, April/June 2017.

Have you ever felt like you knew the morally right thing to do, but institutional, procedural, or social constraints make doing the right thing nearly impossible? This article outlines strategies to address moral distress in nursing, which were developed by a collaborative project of nursing leaders in the United States. The article identifies what is needed to help individuals develop moral resilience and what organization can do to create environments that provide ethically grounded and humane care to patients and their families.

Surviving (Even Thriving?) in a Toxic Workplace

White, Paul E.; Schoonover-Shoffner, Kathy

Journal of Christian Nursing. 33(3):142-149, July/September 2016.

A toxic workplace has unhealthy characteristics in three primary areas: sick systems, toxic leaders, and dysfunctional colleagues. Discover practical steps on how to survive, if not thrive, and impact all three areas.

Model for a Healthy Work Environment

Blevins, Jamie

Journal of Christian Nursing. 33(4):E46-E49, October/December 2016.

The Healthy Work Environment model, focusing on PEOPLE and PRACTICE, provides a checklist of what is important in creating and sustaining a healthy work environment in education and practice.

Nursing on Empty: Compassion Fatigue Signs, Symptoms, and System Interventions

Harris, Chelsia; Griffin, Mary T. Quinn

Journal of Christian Nursing. 32(2):80-87, April/June 2015.

Much has been written about compassion fatigue but few healthcare organizations acknowledge, discuss, or offer help for it. Understand compassion fatigue and identify unit and organizational interventions.

Unhappy? Low Morale? Try The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace

White, Paul E.

Journal of Christian Nursing. 29(3):144-149, July/September 2012.

In healthcare, everyone seems to be doing more with less, feeling stressed and unappreciated. Discover a creative and simple way to affirm and encourage others in the workplace (and it doesn't cost money!).

Rx for Compassion Fatigue


Journal of Christian Nursing. 23(4):12-19, October 2006.

Do you or a colleague seem overly stressed about work, constantly fatigued, critical or depressed? You may have compassion fatigue. Find out how God offers help.