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Looking for insights and support to help you develop as a nurse, especially as a Christian nurse? Find resources to deal with issues facing nurses today from a biblical, Christian perspective.
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Caring from a Christian Worldview: Exploring Nurses' Source of Caring, Faith Practices, and View of Nursing

Rieg, Linda S.; Newbanks, R. Shirlene; Sprunger, Rose

Journal of Christian Nursing. 35(3):168-173, July/September 2018.

This study explored Christian nurses' views of their source of caring (Deity or other), adherence to biblical faith practices, and view of nursing as a job, career, profession, or calling.

What Is Caring in Nursing?: Sorting Out Humanistic and Christian Perspectives

Newbanks, R. Shirlene; Rieg, Linda S.; Schaefer, Beverly

Journal of Christian Nursing. 35(3):160-167, July/September 2018.

This integrative literature review synthesized caring literature from humanistic, postmodern, and biblical, theological worldviews. The results lay a foundation for an alternative middle range theory on caring from a biblical worldview for nurses holding Christian beliefs.

Cardiovascular Risks in Long Distance Runners

Witham, Bethany Rolfe; Babbitt, Keven

Journal of Christian Nursing. 34(2):97-101, April/June 2017.

Distance running has become increasingly popular since the 1970s. Despite the health benefits, long-distance running has been associated with an increased risk for cardiac events. Healthcare professionals should be familiar with distance running cardiac risk factors and pre-participation screening recommendations from the American Heart Association, and should screen and educate patients during healthcare encounters. Nurses are particularly well suited to educate runners on risks and symptoms of cardiac dysfunction.

The Experience of Intense Pain: Nursing Management and Interventions

Kiser-Larson, Norma

Journal of Christian Nursing. 34(2):88-96, April/June 2017.

This article offers an autobiographical narrative of complication after surgery. Diagnosis and management of acute compartment syndrome, pain, and nursing interventions for pain, the use of prayer in illness and compassionate caring from a Christian perspective are discussed.

Surviving (Even Thriving?) in a Toxic Workplace

White, Paul E.; Schoonover-Shoffner, Kathy

Journal of Christian Nursing. 33(3):142-149, July/September 2016.

Does your workplace seem "toxic"? Discover steps you can take to initiate change.

Tears for the City: The Biblical Basis for Population-Focused Nursing

Dunlap, Ruby

Journal of Christian Nursing. 33(3):167-171, July/September 2016.

The core functions of public health, along with biblical resources, helps Christian nurses develop deeper compassion for a population.

Will the Real Nurse Please Stand Up? Improving Nursing's Image Through Faith-Learning Integration

Hargate, Carol

Journal of Christian Nursing. 32(3):E27-E31, July/September 2015.

Seeing nurses as equal partners in practice, education, and policy-making will help future nurses influence the image of nursing.

What Guides Your Nursing Practice?

Hountras, Stacy C.

Journal of Christian Nursing. 32(3):179-181, July/September 2015.

Nurses' beliefs about nursing and people guide their work. Articulating your beliefs will help you think more clearly about how you want to practice.

Nursing on Empty: Compassion Fatigue Signs, Symptoms, and System Interventions

Harris, Chelsia; Griffin, Mary T. Quinn

Journal of Christian Nursing. 32(2):80-87, April/June 2015.

Understand compassion fatigue and identify unit and organizational interventions.

Being the Minority: Christian Healthcare Professionals in the Netherlands

René, Bart Cusveller; Leeuwen, Van; Schep-Akkerman, Annemiek

Journal of Christian Nursing. 32(1):26-30, January/March 2015.

Spirituality is no longer specifically religiously affiliated in many societies. This is especially true in the Netherlands. What can we learn from Dutch Christian healthcare professionals?

Living Out Christian Spirituality in Patient Care: One Nurse Practitioner's Experience

David, Anjali R.

Journal of Christian Nursing. 31(4):E1-E5, October/December 2014.

How can you live out Christian faith in practice? Learn from this NP who works with cancer patients.

Fostering Serenity in Nursing: Creating a Concept

Schaeffer, Amy F.

Journal of Christian Nursing. 31(3):E1-E6, July/September 2014.

Learn more about how we can help patients find serenity after serious health events. Make this new concept a part of your nursing practice.

Understanding the DNP

Diggins, Kristene; Schoonover-Shoffner, Kathy

Journal of Christian Nursing. 29(4):202-203, October/December 2012.

Many people are confused by the DNP. How is it different from a master's level nurse practitioner? From a PhD? What is the purpose of the degree?