Articles by Grace Tazelaar

Challenges and Trends in Global Healthcare Missions

Tazelaar, Grace

Journal of Christian Nursing. 28(3):152-157, July-September 2011.

The world is changing with astonishing speed. How is this impacting healthcare missions and the vision to bring health and healing among all peoples of the world?

The Perils and Promise of Short-Term Healthcare Missions

Seager, Gregory; Seager, Candi; Tazelaar, Grace

Journal of Christian Nursing. 27(3):262-266, July-September 2010.

Is dispensing thousands of dollars of pharmaceuticals in a community with limited literacy and health knowledge a safe practice? How can we improve safety and contribute to community health?

Good Out Of HIV/AIDS?

Tazelaar, Grace

Journal of Christian Nursing. 24(1):8-14, January-March 2007.

HIV/AIDS has ravaged Africa since its discovery 25 years ago. Has anything positive come from the disease? This missionary nurse who served on the forefront of the pandemic in Uganda when HIV was emerging thinks so. Read profound lessons God taught her