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All Shall Be Well

Wojtysiak, Jen

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doi: 10.1097/CNJ.0000000000000874
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The great Julian of Norwich wrote, “All shall be well!” (Anglican Focus, 2020). This idea offers hope that, even though things are not as they should be, one day—a week from now, a year from now—they will be. This quote rests on my desk as a daily reminder. Just below the Norwich quote, printed on an NCF Post-it note, is, “Bringing the Good News to Nursing.” I'm struck at the congruence of those two concepts. All indeed shall be well because of the good news of the Gospel.

Student ministry is up and running for fall semester. For many student nurses, this semester is the first time they have been on campus full time since March 2020. Nurses Christian Fellowship student leaders are needed as students gather. Through the questions and complexity of student ministry we can say, “All shall be well” because we know the Good News of the Gospel in making a way for healing, redemption, and restoration in students' lives through God's presence and through their call as nursing students. Students from around the United States have shared how they experienced God through student ministry this past year.

In past semesters, we have only tried to meet once per month out of respect for students' limited time. But this spring semester, I felt that God was leading us to meet online weekly. Although student participation varied from week to week, I felt that God brought students to our sessions who truly needed the support and fellowship.

God has encouraged students through NCF events and has reminded them of the truth of his Word despite dark and uncertain times.

Through NCF, I was able to see that God is prepared to also use me as a leader to spread his Word on campus.

Bringing the Good News of Jesus to campus varies on different campuses. Hosting outreach tables, sending winsome invitations, holding events that focus on honest conversation surrounding faith and nursing: All these have the purpose of drawing students closer to God and deepening their call as nurses.

The Journal of Christian Nursing provides relevant and faith-based articles intended to help grow, challenge, and inform our nursing practice. Content integrates faith and practice, assisting readers in influencing the profession with solid biblical truth and scholarly, practical nursing interventions. Quarterly Journal Club online discussions create opportunity for meaningful interaction and continuing education.

Via NCF professional nurse groups, online and in-person gatherings make spaces for nurses to process the stress and anxiety of caring for patients. Our professional memberships offer bimonthly Tabletop community online discussions about current topics. (Locate these opportunities via the NCF website, Through a biblical worldview, we at NCF desire to bring the Good News to nursing, so that all shall be well!

Would you join us in prayer? Ask God to provide new group leaders and new student groups. Pray for those who participate in our nurse groups and professional ministries. Pray for the staff of the Journal of Christian Nursing. In each area of ministry, our desire is that God's name would be lifted and glorified. Consider praying for us weekly or daily using our monthly prayer calendar ( You can submit your own request at We would love to pray for you as you bring the Good News of Jesus to nursing!

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