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Monday, May 12, 2014

Do Nurses Christian Fellowship groups make a difference?
A man I know at the gym recently said to me "Oh, you're one of those" and elaborated about how Christians talk a lot but don't do much to help people. I beg to differ with him.
Today on the front page of the Wichita Eagle newspaper is an amazing story. Ukraine native experiences what she already knew: Americans are good (see tells the story of a Ukrainian woman in the nursing program at Newman University, Wichita, Kansas who went to a Newman NCF meeting to ask for prayer for her sister who was 32 weeks pregnant. It's a heart wrenching story about the fighting in Ukraine and how this nursing student brought her twin sister to Wichita to keep her and her baby safe. 
As the Newman NCF group heard about the needs of this family, they immediately sprang into action. Until that day, no one knew about this desperate situation. First, students and faculty surrounded their fellow nursing student, laid their hands on her, and prayed for her pregnant sister, the developing baby, and the husband back in Ukraine waiting to be called up to fight the Russians.
Second, when the NCF group heard the woman had no prenatal care they worked to arrange for free prenatal care and maternal services at a local hospital. The local Pregnancy Crisis Center, also a Christian ministry, was instrumental in helping to arrange the care.
Third, the NCF group realized the family had nothing. So they planned a baby shower and provided thousands of dollars of support and baby items for the expectant mother. Now they continue to pray for the family--especially for the safety of the Ukrainian father, and offer support to the nursing student and her pregnant sister whose baby is due May 29.
I am grateful for Nurses Christian Fellowship and the way NCF groups serve the needs they discover around them. NCF groups are active at over 100 schools of nursing in the U.S. and more spring up every semester. Pray for these future nurses who are learning to put their Christian faith into practice through the art of nursing, and the dedicated faculty advisors who lead them.