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2022 Directory of Christian Nursing Schools

 Nurses Christian Fellowship

doi: 10.1097/CNJ.0000000000000986
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Nurses Christian Fellowship, a ministry of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, is a ministry and professional organization for nursing. NCF offers membership, spiritual resources, virtual and in-person groups, nursing continuing professional development, JCN, and more. Discover NCF at ncf-jcn.org.

Nurses Christian Fellowship is delighted to offer our 2022 Directory of Christian Nursing Schools, once again showcasing the best in Christian nursing education. Teaching nursing students from a Christian worldview infuses God's Word, as found in the Bible, into nursing practice. In Christian education, people are understood as created in God's image (Genesis 1:26) and for his purposes (Ephesians 2:10). Nursing students find their source of caring for others out of relationship with God through Jesus Christ (1 Peter 5:7). A biblical perspective fuels a limitless depth of care for body, mind, and spirit for individuals, families, communities, and society. Students discover the vocational call to nursing and service to be the hands and feet of Jesus. They learn how Jesus cared for myriad biopsychosocial and spiritual needs when he walked the earth, and how he continues to offer his healing presence today through nurses. They discover caring for the least of these in Jesus' name (Matthew 25:40).

All the schools in this Directory are accredited – many from multiple accrediting bodies. The schools offer undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate degrees and certifications to be a generalist or specialist in nursing practice, education, or research. Many of the schools provide scholarship opportunities for students to help cover the cost of education. Most offer healthcare missions experiences locally or globally, along with cross-cultural and service-learning opportunities. Programs are offered online as well as traditional in-person, or a hybrid of both.

Comprehensive information on more than 40 Christian nursing schools can be found online at ncf-jcn.org/resources/directory-Christian-nursing-schools, including program distinctives for each school. Discover the endless possibilities available in Christian nursing education to become all you can be as God's nurse.


Nursing schools have paid a fee to be included in the 2022 Directory of Christian Nursing Schools. Contact [email protected] for information about joining the online directory.

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