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Regarding the January 2021 Journal Club, I had read this article [“Offering Culturally Congruent Christian Care”] and most all of the articles [for the Journal Club] and I wanted to tell the JCN that the three CEU articles were outstanding, such outstanding quality content. I am so glad I am a subscriber.

I am so glad I can be part of the NCF ministry via attending as many events as I can while being a 24/7 caregiver for my husband. Sometimes I am registered to be at an event, but when the time arrives, I may be with him at a doctor's appointment or at the hospital, so miss out.

Catherine White, Muskogee, Oklahoma

Thank you [to author Martha Ann Mwendafilumba] for all you shared and reminded me of how much I take for granted every day with “Nursing as a Calling in Zambia” [issue 38.1]! What motivated me to write was your reference to how your “attitude makes me enjoy my work and I am able to put a smile on most of my clients. . .”

I work part time in a free clinic and many clients are Spanish speakers so it's especially apropos to not underestimate the importance of my smile (when not wearing a mask). Thankfully, attitudes are not covered up by masks! Of course, when I have a negative attitude, it would be helpful to have a mask that would cover it up!

Maren Breitwieser, MSN, RN


The Journal of Christian Nursing, like other professional academic journals, depends on peer reviewers. These volunteers offer an invaluable service to JCN and the nursing profession by evaluating incoming manuscripts and offering critique and input. Both the authors of articles that are reviewed, as well as the journal, reap the benefits of peer reviewers' expertise and efforts.

Peer reviewers are nurses with experience in the profession; many have specific education or expertise in a specialty or in research. Becoming a peer reviewer is a means of growing one's skills and sharing one's expertise. Nurses contribute to the body of knowledge used by students, nurse scientists, leaders, and researchers to advance the profession.

Manuscripts are sent digitally to reviewers an average of two to four times a year; reviewers may turn down a peer-reviewing request if the manuscript content is outside the reviewer's body of knowledge, or if short-term work or personal commitments are heavy. Editors ask that a review be completed within 3 weeks.

Interested potential peer reviewers can contact JCN Senior Associate Editor Cathy Walker at [email protected] for more information and to request an application.



JCN Contributing Editor Mary A. Helming, PhD, APRN, FNP-BC, AHN-BC, and her three nurse co-editors saw the completion of their book with the November 2020 publication of Dossey & Keegan's Holistic Nursing: A Handbook for Practice, 8th Edition.

Serving with JCN for 3 years, Helming is a family nurse practitioner, Professor Emerita of Nursing at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Connecticut, and an advanced holistic nurse. Her research interests include spirituality in nursing, prayer and healing, and educating nurse practitioner students about holistic nursing and integrative healthcare.

The book is published by Jones & Bartlett Learning.

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