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Discussion Board helps you dig deeper into JCN content, offering ideas for personal or group reflection with other nurses—great for Nurses Christian Fellowship student chapters on campus or nurse fellowship groups!

Traumatic Brain Injury: Rehabilitation and Hope

Read Armstrong and Murtaugh; Schoonover-Shoffner and Rudder, 144-152 and 153-157.

  1. Discuss the nursing implications of this statement: “Facilitating return to quality of life after TBI starts at the time of injury and is supported by all team members throughout the continuum of care.”
  2. What specific care needs should be addressed by the rehabilitation nurse?
  3. What specific education needs for patients and families should be addressed by the rehabilitation nurse?
  4. Outline spiritual care a nurse can provide to family members of a traumatic brain injury (TBI) survivor.
  5. In the Glasgow Coma Scale, what behaviors are assessed? How can nurses implement appropriate action to help those recovering from a brain injury?
  6. What does Schoonover-Shoffner note as key hallmarks of TBI rehabilitation?
  7. Read Psalm 23 in the Amplified Version. Describe how these verses extend hope to those facing the devastating results of TBI. Consider how a rod and a staff offer strength and protection.

Improved Student Outcomes

Read Washington, 184-190.

  1. Educators revised educational strategies and content to improve student outcomes. What positive outcomes were noted?
  2. What insights did educators gain about students and their learning styles during the course revision process?
  3. The author suggests that periodic revision to course material is helpful. As an educator, what might you revise? How might you approach a topic from another angle?
  4. Discuss: “Experimenting with different teaching and learning strategies and evaluation methods should be commonplace as each group of students will be different, making it likely that each group will respond differently to various methods.” What impedes the implementation of new strategies? How do others in your workplace view the need or rationale to revise courses?
  5. Peruse Mark 6:30-8:26. What teaching methods did Jesus use? How did they vary? How did teaching online during the COVID-19 spring/summer semesters challenge you?

Blessing of the Hands

Read Bulk and Little, 193 and 194.

  1. The authors refer to the use of their hands in nursing practice. In recent months, we've been ultraconscious of who and what we touch. How has this affected your nursing practice?
  2. Are you more aware of using your hands in your caregiving? How often do you comfort or calm a patient using appropriate touch? How do most patients respond to your comforting touch?
  3. What insights have you gained during recent months about the value of your hands as an instrument of nursing? Does a specific experience come to mind?
  4. Can you recall a time that allowing God to use your hands gave you great joy?
  5. Reflect on Psalm 139:1-10. What do you discern about God's care for you? How are his hands turned toward you? When have you “felt” God's touch?
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