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Few people do well solely on their own. Nurses work in tandem with each other and various healthcare providers. Working relationships, community relationships, and personal friends provide balance, encouragement, and the gentle or not-so-gentle nudge occasionally needed.

The NCF Community utilizes resources to foster Christian community: Bible studies, face-to-face NCF groups for students and nurses, communication on Facebook including a special closed online community, and more. NCF members can participate in live Journal Club webinars or view past recorded webinars at and earn 1 contact hour of continuing nursing education.

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Nurses Christian Fellowship is a professional and ministry organization for nursing students, nurses, and nurse educators. As a Focused Ministry of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship USA, NCF serves campuses and communities around the nation and is part of Nurses Christian Fellowship International. Learn more at Contact us at


On Campus

Attention NCF Alumni


Remember nursing school? What did God do during that time in your life? How did you grow? Who impacted you? How did NCF help equip you for the unique challenges you've faced in nursing? Perhaps you started a fellowship at your campus or workplace. In these significant spaces, nursing colleagues have been impacted at the intersection of faith and vocation.

NCF is experiencing remarkable growth! Campus ministry has grown by 33% since May 2018. In the last year, 55 nursing students came to faith in Christ. The number of professional nurse groups continues to grow! More student and nurse groups are planned! We are in awe of what God is doing and anticipate his continued work.

NCF Alumni can play a crucial role in nurses flourishing spiritually in their demanding roles! Burnout among nurses is high. One way we can combat burnout is to make spaces for nurses to gather and explore their relationships with Jesus and with one another. At NCF, it's all about relationship! The work God is doing stands on the foundation laid over NCF's long history. As always, we need your encouragement and partnership.

Our goal is to grow to 150 student chapters this 2019-2020 school year and to 200 by 2024. In addition, we strive toward 50 nurse groups by June 2020!

Here is how you can help:

  • Pray: Consider a prayer walk. Go to and complete a prayer walk on a campus near you or do a prayer walk through your workplace.
  • Volunteer: Start or connect with an existing professional nurse group or start a student group on a local campus.
  • Advocate: Promote NCF in your spheres of influence.
  • Give: To grow to 200 chapters and 50 nurse groups this year, our goal is to have 60 NCF alumni give $50/month or $600/year.
  • Join NCF: Use the alumni code NCFALUM at for $20 off 1, 2, or 3-year practicing nurse memberships!

As you prayerfully consider these options, let NCF know how you want to offer support:

  1. Respond electronically through email:
  2. Respond through this secure short survey:

Complete the survey and we have a gift for you! Once entered, we'll email you a frameable copy of the poem, The Nurse with an Alabaster Jar, by Sister Mary Elizabeth O'Brien.


Jen Wojtysiak, BS, ThM

NCF Student Ministries Director

From the JCN Senior Editor


New authors have a unique opportunity to publish with the Journal of Christian Nursing (JCN). Unlike many other journals, JCN works directly with authors to help craft and refine their manuscript into the best it can be. At JCN, our philosophy is different.

As Christian nursing journal editors, we adhere to the accepted rigorous industry standards for professional journals, but we also work for God (Colossians 3:23-24), and part of this work is helping nurses to find a voice, to feel heard, to share their passion, vision, and mission.

Editors at JCN follow a manuscript from submission-to-publication, so you can receive not only quality feedback from external reviewers, but directly from the editors. Contributing editors work collaboratively with authors whose manuscripts show promise, making suggestions for content, clarity, wording, formatting, themes, impact, and direction. First-time authors are welcome to submit.

Students, nurses and nurse educators are encouraged to submit their work to JCN. Likewise, as many graduate programs encourage, or even require, students to submit a paper to a peer-reviewed journal as a partial requirement for graduation, JCN is an excellent place for these papers to find a home.

Feel free to contact us at


Senior Editor, JCN

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Spotlight On

Lessons from a Recovering Exodus 4 Moses


I relate to an Exodus 4 Moses, not the Moses appearing in Exodus 14 who told Israel,

Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the LORD will bring you today.... The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still (Exodus 14:13-14, NIV).

I don't connect as much to the Moses who stretched out his hand over the sea as God blew back the water, leaving dry land for the people to walk across and escape Pharaoh's army. I'm the other Moses—the Moses in Exodus 4 who watched his staff turn into a snake and his hand become leprous before being miraculously healed. I am more like the Moses who saw and experienced these things only to say to God, “I really think you have the wrong person.”

Do you relate? Have you wondered what God was thinking when he placed you where you are? Maybe you're concerned about your chance of success in your current nursing program as you balance work, school, and family. Or you work in a department or unit lacking teamwork or communication. Maybe you're starting a new position as a graduate nurse, educator, preceptor, or manager.

A year ago, God asked me, Will you trust me? My decision to step out of my comfort zone created opportunities I never thought possible—opportunities not based on my strength, will, or determination, but on the power of prayer, financial gifts, and men and women just like you who were willing to take a step of faith. These steps of faith have led to a growing prayer ministry across the United States, a mentorship pilot program for graduate nurses, and a 62% growth rate in the number of professional nurse groups since August 2018.

Our house is built upon the Rock (Matthew 7). It's not the house enabling us to withstand the storm; it's the foundation. It's God. It's always been God.


Christy Secor, DNP, RN, CDWF

NCF Professional Ministries Director

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