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Walker, Cathy

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Discussion Board helps you dig deeper into JCN content, offering ideas for personal or group reflection with other nurses—great for Nurses Christian Fellowship student chapters on campus or nurse fellowship groups!

Intimate Partner Violence

Read McCarthy and Stagg, 24-31.

  1. Based on the article, define intimate partner violence (IPV). What are the four main categories of violence?
  2. Briefly describe The Intimate Partner Violence Exposome Model and how it can help nurses identify those at risk.
  3. What personal attributes put a person at greater risk of IPV?
  4. Name the three major health outcomes of IPV that have lasting effects beyond the individual and his/her family.
  5. Have you suspected IPV when assessing a patient? What emotional effect did this have on you?
  6. How can nurses implement appropriate action to help those in abusive relationships?
  7. What implications does Jeremiah 31:10-17 have regarding IPV?
  8. Read Isaiah 45:1-3. How is hope conveyed? What do you learn about God from Isaiah 40:11? How might these verses offer hope and love to someone experiencing or recovering from IPV?

Caring for Daughters Without Mothers

Read Gunn, Rikabi, and Huebner, 32-37.

  1. Discuss the never-ending cycle of grief experienced by those who've lost their mothers at an early age.
  2. The authors write, “Motherless daughters believe understanding is only truly possible from another child-adult motherless woman.” How does this knowledge affect the development of a nursing plan of care for a motherless woman?
  3. Describe a period of “coming apart.” How can nurses provide care at this time?
  4. Review Table 1: Research Findings about Motherless Children-Adults. How might this information be helpful in your practice setting?
  5. Read Deuteronomy 10:18; Isaiah 49:15-16; and James 1:27. How could these verses offer encouragement to one who is without her mother? What do these verses tell us about God?

Christian Nursing Education?


Read Peppiatt and Coster, 10.

  1. What's your reaction to learning there are no Christian schools of nursing in the United Kingdom?
  2. How friendly or unfriendly toward Christian views was your educational experience?
  3. Who helps you connect the dots between nursing and faith?
  4. The authors state, “Without any significant Christian influence or support in nursing, many nurses are feeling isolated and in need of input.” Has this been your experience?
  5. Where do you connect with Christian colleagues or find faith-based professional encouragement? Not connected? Check out Nurses Christian Fellowship:
  6. Reflect on Ecclesiastes 4:12. What do we learn about community with other believers?
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