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Rx for Compassion Fatigue

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CE Test Questions

General Purpose:

To familiarize the registered professional nurse with compassion fatigue.

Learning Objectives:

After reading this article and taking this test, the nurse will be able to:

  1. Explain compassion fatigue.
  2. Describe the impact and treatment of compassion fatigue.

1. A feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another, accompanied by a strong desire to remove the cause best defines

a. empathy.

b. understanding.

c. compassion.

d. compassion fatigue.

2. Compassion fatigue is an emotional response that results from helping or desiring to help another person who is suffering trauma or pain and is considered to be

a. pathological.

b. a precursor to mental illness.

c. a natural behavioral and emotional response.

d. a physiological response.

3. What aspect of nursing is associated with the predictability of burnout in nursing?

a. number of years caring for others

b. intensity and conditions of work

c. lack of professional support

d. negative behavior of coworkers

4. Which of the following occurs when someone closely identifies with patients and personally absorbs their trauma or pain?

a. compassion fatigue level 1

b. compassion fatigue level 2

c. burnout

d. empathy

5. Nurses working in crisis-oriented venues such as emergency centers seem most vulnerable to compassion fatigue level 1 and, if not addressed, these nurses will

a. smoke.

b. abuse drugs.

c. take a vacation.

d. leave the profession.

6. The nurse with Compassion fatigue level 2 (CF-2) has the same responses as level 1, but in addition may re-experience traumatic events. Over time what outcome can be expected from these nurses?

a. anxiety and chest pains

b. depression

c. GI upsets

d. headaches

7. According to the case studies presented in this article, which of the following nurses was experiencing compassion fatigue level 2?

a. Jane

b. Sierra

c. Eric

d. Rita

8. Which test is most useful for measuring compassion fatigue?

a. Maslach Burnout Inventory

b. Secondary Traumatic Stress Scale

c. Compassion Satisfaction-Fatigue Test

d. None

9. When a nurse can trace her stress to work conditions, time pressures, and personalities he/she is probably dealing with

a. burnout.

b. compassion fatigue level 1.

c. compassion fatigue level 2.

d. empathy.

10. General guidelines for compassion fatigue recovery include which of the following?

a. psychological therapies

b. behavioral therapies

c. basic strategies of a healthy lifestyle

d. stress management

11. The key to recovering from compassion fatigue includes focusing on

a. caring for others in a healthy way.

b. self in a healthy way.

c. professional self development.

d. personal self development.

12. What effect does complaining have based on Biblical Prescription #1: Removing, found in Exodus 12?

a. removes circumstances

b. changes circumstances

c. expends energy

d. expresses despair

13. Biblical Prescription #3: Physical renewal, is necessary when nurses neglect physical and emotional needs and includes all of the following except

a. healthy patterns of rest and work.

b. educational activities.

c. good nutrition.

d. physical exercise.

14. According to this article, what must the nurse do to facilitate God's plan for rest which includes abstaining from work, doing relaxing or enjoyable activities and engaging in regular personal quiet time?

a. setting of boundaries on commitments

b. avoiding a focus on self

c. forgiving of others

d. forgiving of ourselves

15. According to this article, what effect will replacing destructive and stressful choices with habits that are satisfying and renewing, like creative pursuits, have on a nurse?

a. restore compassion

b. renew physical energy

c. defeat the effects of stress

d. bring joy



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