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Healing, Healthcare, Missions, and the Church

Jarlsberg, Connie

doi: 10.1097/CNJ.0000000000000031
Feature: missions

ABSTRACT: Churches throughout history have modeled ministry on Jesus' life of reaching out, teaching, preaching, and healing. Kampala Baptist Church (KBC) in Uganda is one such church that works to care spiritually and physically for their community. Partnering with local healthcare providers and short- and long-term healthcare missionaries, the church is transforming lives. Read about KBC and explore healthcare missions ministry.

What can churches do to care for people physically as well as spiritually? How can short-term healthcare missions support local ministry? Find answers to these important questions plus resources for healthcare ministry.

Connie Jarlsberg, MSN, RN, serves in long-term healthcare missions, primarily in healthcare education with WorldVenture in Kampala, Uganda.

The author declares no conflict of interest.

Accepted by peer-review 4/15/2013.

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