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May/June 2019 - Volume 13 - Issue 3
pp: 167-249,E1-E42

Creator: Shawn McNeil, MD
Duration: 13:13
Journal of Addiction Medicine May/June 2019, Volume 13, Issue 3;
In episode thirteen of Addiction Medicine: Beyond the Abstract, we are joined by Dr. Jessica Gray. She is a family medicine physician and an addiction specialist in the departments of Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and Pediatrics at Massachusetts General Hospital for Children (MGHfC). She is also Associate Program Director for the MGH Addiction Medicine Fellowship and Clinical Director of the HOPE Clinic at MGH. In her recent article, Dr. Gray discusses a case of a woman who was able to continue opioid agonist treatment during the postpartum period while she remained incarcerated, in a system that generally did not allow for opioid agonist treatment during incarceration except during pregnancy.