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Recovery From Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) After Monthly Long-acting Buprenorphine Treatment: 12-Month Longitudinal Outcomes From RECOVER, an Observational Study

Ling, Walter; Nadipelli, Vijay R.; Aldridge, Arnie P.; More

Journal of Addiction Medicine. 14(5):e233-e240, September/October 2020.

Treating Women Who Are Pregnant and Parenting for Opioid Use Disorder and the Concurrent Care of Their Infants and Children: Literature Review to Support National Guidance

Klaman, Stacey L.; Isaacs, Krystyna; Leopold, Anne; More

Journal of Addiction Medicine. 11(3):178-190, May/June 2017.

Transferring Patients From Methadone to Buprenorphine: The Feasibility and Evaluation of Practice Guidelines

Lintzeris, Nicholas; Monds, Lauren A.; Rivas, Consuelo; More

Journal of Addiction Medicine. 12(3):234-240, May/June 2018.

Emergency Department-initiated Buprenorphine and Referral to Follow-up Addiction Care: A Program Description

Regan, Susan; Howard, Sydney; Powell, Elizabeth; More

Journal of Addiction Medicine. 16(2):216-222, March/April 2022.

Retention Strategies for Medications for Opioid Use Disorder in Adults: A Rapid Evidence Review

Chan, Brian; Gean, Emily; Arkhipova-Jenkins, Irina; More

Journal of Addiction Medicine. 15(1):74-84, January/February 2021.

Brief Opioid Overdose Knowledge (BOOK): A Questionnaire to Assess Overdose Knowledge in Individuals Who Use Illicit or Prescribed Opioids

Dunn, Kelly E.; Barrett, Frederick S.; Yepez-Laubach, Claudia; More

Journal of Addiction Medicine. 10(5):314-323, September/October 2016.

Low-Threshold Buprenorphine via Community Partnerships and Telemedicine—Case Reports of Expanding Access to Addiction Treatment During COVID-19

Levander, Ximena A.; Wheelock, Haven; Pope, Justine; More

Journal of Addiction Medicine. 16(1):e56-e58, January/February 2022.

Dr. Richard Saitz

Vocci, Frank; Dunn, Kelly; Petrakis, Ismene; More

Journal of Addiction Medicine. 16(2):125-126, March/April 2022.

Possible Evidence for Re-regulation of HPA Axis and Brain Reward Systems Over Time in Treatment in Prescription Opioid-Dependent Patients

Bunce, Scott C.; Harris, Jonathan D.; Bixler, Edward O.; More

Journal of Addiction Medicine. 9(1):53-60, January/February 2015.

Assessing Stigma Towards Substance Use in Pregnancy: A Randomized Study Testing the Impact of Stigmatizing Language and Type of Opioid Use on Attitudes Toward Mothers With Opioid Use Disorder

Schiff, Davida M.; Stoltman, Jonathan J.K.; Nielsen, Timothy C.; More

Journal of Addiction Medicine. 16(1):77-83, January/February 2022.

Adverse Events During Treatment Induction With Injectable Diacetylmorphine and Hydromorphone for Opioid Use Disorder

Oviedo-Joekes, Eugenia; Palis, Heather; Guh, Daphne; More

Journal of Addiction Medicine. 13(5):354-361, September/October 2019.