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May/June 2023 - Volume 17 - Issue 3
pp: 249-372,e141-e210

Assessing Clinically Significant Cognitive Impairment Using the NIH Toolbox in Individuals with Co-occurring Serious Mental Illness and Alcohol Use Disorder

Jett, Julianne D.; Kordas, Gordon; Parent, Sara; More

Journal of Addiction Medicine. 17(3):305-311, May/June 2023.

Integrative Analysis of Proteome-wide Association Studies and Functional Enrichment Analysis to Identify Genes and Chemicals Associated with Alcohol Dependence

Zhang, Jingxi; Meng, Peilin; Yao, Yao; More

Journal of Addiction Medicine. 17(3):319-325, May/June 2023.

Investigating Secondary Alcohol Outcomes in a Contingency Management Intervention among American Indian and Alaska Native Adults

Hirchak, Katherine A.; Kordas, Gordon; Lyons, Abram J.; More

Journal of Addiction Medicine. 17(3):e177-e182, May/June 2023.

Sensitivity of Medicaid Claims Data for Identifying Opioid Use Disorder in Patients Admitted to 6 New York City Public Hospitals

McNeely, Jennifer; Gallagher, Shane D.; Mazumdar, Medha; More

Journal of Addiction Medicine. 17(3):339-341, May/June 2023.

Letter in Reply

Gregory, Caroline; Chorny, Yelena; McLeod, Shelley; More

Journal of Addiction Medicine. 17(3):372, May/June 2023.