January 2018 - Volume 32 - Issue 1

  • Roy W. Sanders, MD

  • 0890-5339
  • 1531-2291
  • 12 issues / year
  • Orthopedics 22/76, Sports Sciences 22/81
  • 2.251
Pediatric trauma is the number 1 cause of both death and disability among children. There are only a limited number of designated pediatric trauma centers and most injured children do not receive care at these centers. This special issue is for community orthopaedic surgeons who play a vital role in the care of these injured children.
Published November 2017
Other Supplements
September 2017 - Volume 31 - Supplement 4

Read this focus issue designed to highlight controversial topics in spine surgery including the appropriate classification of injuries; the need for better outcome metrics in spine trauma; the need for surgery in thoracolumbar burst fractures; the management of geriatric odontoid fractures; the treatment of osteoporotic spine fractures; the management of the stiff spine; the value of surgery on neurologic impairment in the setting of a sacral fracture; and the treatment of hangman fractures. This focus issue should help guide surgeons such that they can offer their patients the most evidence-based treatment recommendations. Publication by AOSpine Knowledge Forum Trauma

Published September 2017

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