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December 2019 - Volume 33 - Issue 4

  • Kevin Brueilly and Susan Wainwright
  • 0899-1855
  • 1938-3533
  • Quarterly

Editor(s) participate in actively administering the JOPTE editorial processes and functions, including selection of members of the editorial board and peer reviewers. The Editor(s) make all final editorial decisions, utilizing the results of the peer review process, and communicate with prospective authors. The Co-Editor(s) are also responsible for editorial contributions within each of the four annual issues. Editor(s) are expected to enhance the JOPTE's reputation as the leading source for physical therapy educational research. Editor(s) are expected to be discerning, fair and timely in coordinating the peer review process and disposition of submitted manuscripts and ensure confidential, professional and timely handling of manuscripts. The roles of the Editor(s) have two main foci: publication of high-quality peer-reviewed manuscripts that support the development of evidence for physical therapy education, and the administrative and management support necessary to assure production of such manuscripts.

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