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The APTA Academy of Physical Therapy Education​, one of the first components of the American Physical Therapy Association, is dedicated to the development of each new generation of physical therapy practitioners, a dynamic cadre of academic educators, and a store of knowledge useful to consumers for enhancing their own musculoskeletal health. The Academy serves as a point of contact for those interested in patient and professional education, and a mechanism for networking and professional development. The operative philosophies that support the entire Academy involve a commitment to excellence in education, scholarship about education and leadership within the profession that relies so heavily on the teaching and learning process to support and maintain health.

The Academy is committed to meeting the needs of all persons concerned with the progress, growth and development of education in physical therapy. Academy members recognize that education in physical therapy is a multi-faceted process including didactic and clinical components which are implemented in a variety of learning environments. In some way, every physical therapists and physical therapist assistant is engaged in education: with patients, clients, and families, with students and colleagues, and with their own professional development. It is the purpose of the Academy to support these educational efforts through communication among our members and with our professional community, through action within our Association and in our educational environments, and through investigation and scholarship related to education in physical therapy.