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Assessment of Employability Skills: A Systematic Review of the Availability and Usage of Professional Behavior Assessment Instruments: Erratum

Journal of Physical Therapy Education: December 2020 - Volume 34 - Issue 4 - p 346
doi: 10.1097/JTE.0000000000000167
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In the article mentioned above the following errors were made:

Under author affiliations, the 3nd author, Michel Tilstra's information incorrectly listed his affiliation as a Physical Therapy program. The correct program should have been listed as an “Occupational Therapy program”.

In the first sentence of the abstract, under “Background and Purpose, the word ‘ valued’ was erroneously omitted. The sentence should read “Professionalism is highly valued by health care practitioners, resulting in an increased focus by education programs on explicit instruction and development of student professional behaviors (PB), skills and abilities.”

The word “Therapy” was missing the “Th” in the heading on page on page 259.

These errors have now been corrected in the original version.


1. McCallum CA, Murray L, Tilstra M, Lairson A. Assessment of employability skills: A systematic review of the availability and usage of professional behavior assessment instruments. J Phys Ther Edu. 2020; 34:252-263.
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