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Change Is a Measure of Time

Gwyer, Jan; Hack, Laurie

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Journal of Physical Therapy Education: October 2011 - Volume 25 - Issue 3 - p 3
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Change is a measure of time and, in the autumn, time seems speeded up. What was is not and never again will be; what is is change. -Edwin Teale

For many people, autumn is often seen as the start of the period of quiescence that leads eventually to spring, but is itself a loss of the signs of life we wish to see about us in nature. But for those of us who live our lives on the academic calendar, autumn is the start of the new year, the chance to meet a new group of students, teach new courses, spend time ex-ploring new ideas with colleagues—all of the things that excite us about our careers in academic physical therapy.

This issue of the Journal of Physical Therapy Education offers us some other new beginnings. Please read the exciting challenge from Peggy Gleeson about the potential future of the Education Section as the Academic Council carves out its new role. Gleeson reminds us that education in physical therapy extends far beyond the academic model and is deeply entrenched in everything we do with our patients and clients. Review the many ideas for areas of research that Gleeson outlines. Are we ready to meet the challenge of thinking more broadly?

Jim Gordon also sets out challenges for us in his Cerasoli lecture. Review carefully the many and varied concerns he shares about the structure and processes we use in the academy. Again, are we ready to step up to the challenge? And please read the commentary on Polly Cerasoli and how she met all the challenges life sent her, contributed by her good friend, Bette Ann Harris.

All of our authors set some challenges before us. Cope et al demonstrate that our anatomy labs may not be as safe for faculty and students as they need to be. Vaughn et al identify some concerns about the outcomes of our education for physical therapists. Other authors identify potential improvements in the ways that we conduct our educational programs. Are we ready to identify needed changes and make them?

In the garden, as in the academy, autumn is the time of growth. Autumn is the best time of year for new plantings, allowing them to grow in the cool fall weather, take a good winter nap, and then be ready for the extravagant growth of spring and summer. We hope you find lots of ideas for new growth in this issue!

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