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May 2023 - Volume 211 - Issue 5

  • John A. Talbott, MD
  • 0022-3018
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  • Clinical Neurology 181/212, Psychiatry 134/155
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​​​JAT photo 2.jpgPedro Ruiz, the journal's book editor, died recently in Houston, Texas of Alzheimer's disease. When I took over the journal in 2010, I needed someone to handle the huge number of books that were sent to the journal.  I needed someone who knew a lot of people around the globe since we were an international Journal and our book reviews needed to address an International audience. Pedro had been the president of the American psychiatric association, the world psychiatric Association, and the American Board of psychiatry and neurology and knew everyone who was anyone in psychiatry all over the globe.

He was a natural and passed around books like cards in the casino, one here and one there; it was impressive to watch.  Unfortunately, after a decade or so, things became erratic, and there were lapses in the process, only in retrospect due to the onset of the horrible condition that is dementia.  But I will always remember being at cocktails at an international Congress, and hearing across the room. "John, my brother, come meet x from y."  I, psychiatry and the journal will sorely miss him.​

John A. Talbott, MD 

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