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November 2020 - Volume 208 - Issue 11

  • John A. Talbott, MD
  • 0022-3018
  • 1539-736X
  • 12 issues / year
  • Psychiatry 120/155; Clinical Neurology 162/204
  • 1.647

​Simon LeVay, PhD, who wrote the groundbreaking study of brain differences between homosexual and heterosexual men almost 30 years ago (LeVay, 1991) has asked that the journal retract an article written 70 years ago (Glover, 1951). The Glover article supports long discredited beliefs, prejudices, and practices (e.g. conversion therapy) and will be retracted as requested. It will, however, be kept in the journal's archives for historical value. Click here to read the full retraction.  

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