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January 2021 - Volume 209 - Issue 1

  • John A. Talbott, MD
  • 0022-3018
  • 1539-736X
  • 12 issues / year
  • Psychiatry 120/155; Clinical Neurology 162/204
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JAT photo 2.jpgLast September, Simon LeVay PhD wrote me asking about retracting a 70-year-old article that had outrageous and outdated views on homosexuality. We did, but it got me thinking. The journal and I are based in a Civil War borderline state – Maryland - where people fought on both sides and Ku Klux Klan crosses were still burned in my lifetime. It, along with other states has wrestled with what to do with all these statues of confederate soldiers and generals and my view has been to put them in museums marking them clearly as relics of the past.​ 

Closer to home, the JNMD, along with other scientific journals, has published articles on sexuality, eugenics and women that today wouldn’t survive a college interns mail sort. I’ve personally gone through all the issues in our 208 volumes' tables of contents and, while I have not found any articles as egregious as the one Dr LeVay found, I’ll bet there are some. I think all editors will be relieved when all such offensive and inaccurate publications are identified and retracted. Help us.

And – a very Happy New Year!

John A. Talbott, MD 

​Simon LeVay, PhD, who wrote the groundbreaking study of brain differences between homosexual and heterosexual men almost 30 years ago (LeVay, 1991) has asked that the journal retract an article written 70 years ago (Glover, 1951). The Glover article supports long discredited beliefs, prejudices, and practices (e.g. conversion therapy) and will be retracted as requested. It will, however, be kept in the journal's archives for historical value. Click here to read the full retraction.  

Cognitive Remediation for Inpatients With Schizophrenia: Effects of a Brief and Intensive Training

Buonocore, Mariachiara; Agostoni, Giulia; Bechi, Margherita; More

The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease. 209(1):76-81, January 2021.

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