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May 2022 - Volume 210 - Issue 5

  • John A. Talbott, MD
  • 0022-3018
  • 1539-736X
  • 12 issues / year
  • Clinical Neurology 155/208, Psychiatry 116/156
  • 2.254

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As we slip from spring to summer I'm reminded that "the APA" looms on the horizon. "The APA" is shorthand for the annual meeting of the American Psychiatric Association which is the largest medical speciality gathering in the world. I missed two meetings during the Vietnam war and two during the COVID pandemic but otherwise have witnessed its incredible growth and balancing act between scientific symposium and circus. This year will be a "hybrid" meeting, live and recorded and for those increasingly hobbled, a blessing from the lengthy corridors of contemporary conference centers. As always we will be on the lookout for interesting new papers for the journal as should our readers. 

John A. Talbott, MD 

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