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Fatal Pauses: Getting Unstuck Through the Power of No and the Power of Go. Stuart C. Yudofsky, MD (2015) Washington, DC and London, England American Psychiatric Publishing.

Ruiz, Pedro MD

The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease: February 2016 - Volume 204 - Issue 2 - p 160
doi: 10.1097/NMD.0000000000000426
Book Reviews

Clinical Professor Menninger Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Baylor College of Medicine Houston, TX

Fatal Pauses is a book that I strongly recommend to psychiatric clinicians, educators, and especially to psychiatric residents and young psychiatrists. In this book, Dr. Stuart C. Yudofsky nicely depicts the basic role of clinicians vis-à-vis their psychiatric patients during the therapeutic process.

Throughout the book, Dr. Yudofsky addresses the challenges that psychiatrists encounter in addressing their patients who get stuck in different scenarios, for instance, stuck in marriage and stuck in pleasing others, and as a good example of life challenges, for instance, when suffering from depression and/or anxiety, when facing complications of dyslexia, and when suffering from eating disorders, alcohol use, and a series of commonly observed challenges and complications in a psychiatric setting.

In addressing the “3D method” of getting unstuck, Dr. Yudofsky nicely explains and explores how to best manage and treat patients who get stuck for multiple reasons. In so doing, Dr. Yudofsky nicely and clearly depicts the compassion that he has always demonstrated vis-à-vis his patients, as well as his outstanding clinical skills.

This book clearly helps people understand why and how they become stuck in their lives, as well as how to get unstuck. It is clear to me that Dr. Yudofsky nicely and effectively succeeded in his desire to assist people who get stuck in life, as well as to provide an excellent understanding for mental health practitioners at large as to how to diagnose, understand, and successfully treat human beings who unfortunately get stuck in their lives.

I enjoyed and learned a lot reading this book and also plan to keep it handy in my office. I also strongly suggest to my colleagues in the mental health field at large to read this book as well.

Pedro Ruiz, MD

Clinical Professor

Menninger Department of Psychiatry and

Behavioral Sciences

Baylor College of Medicine

Houston, TX

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