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June 2019 - Volume 49 - Issue 6

  • Karen S. Hill, DNP, RN, NEA-BC, FACHE, FAAN
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​Dear Nurse Leaders,

The June 2019 edition of JONA presents a wide variety of subjects supporting nursing leadership and clinical care. In the "Spotlight on Disruptive Innovation" column, Carol Boston-Fleischhauer suggests a new look at our ongoing dilemma of differentiated practice. Carol, the CNO for the Nurse Executive Center, reviews the previous discussions of differentiated practice related to skill mix. Considering the new enviroments and stressors our clinical bedside staff are facing, Carol suggests we need to objectively examine RN roles, and not treat each nurse as equal in skills and capability. Differing levels of education and experience are considerations.

Dr. Miriam Bender and co-authors present a study "System- and UnitQuality Outcome Improvements After Integrating Clinical Nurse Leaders Into Frontline Care Delivery". Patient satisfaction was used as one measure after formally integrating Clinical Nurse Leaders (CNL) into a health system model. Outcomes suggest that the CNL contributed to improved care quality.

In the column "Spotlight on Clinical Care" Dr. Jackeline Iseler and co-authors present an academic-service partnership model focused on the role of the clinical nurse specialist (CNS). The authors discuss the contractural arrangement between a hospital and a school of nursing, the role of the faculty CNS and the outcomes achieved in the first year.

I will be presenting at the 2019 Magnet conference in Orlando and hope to see many of you there. I am always happy to network with potential authors about future submissions. Feel free to email me at You can refer to our Guidelines for Authors at for suggestions about manuscript guidelines, word count and citation format style.

Melora Ferren, MSN, RN-BC, the Social Media Coordinator for JONA, continues to post weekly on Twitter highlighting a topic from the journal. The Twitter address for JONA is #JONANurseLeader.  





  • •Magnet Perspectives: Why You Need a Plan                                                    


    •AONL Leadership Perspectives: Risk, Resilience and Creating Balance an Interview With Gail Latimer                        


    •ALSN Perspectives: Graduate Leadership Education for Nurse Leaders             


    •Spotlight on Clinical Care: Using a Sleep Protocol to Limit Sleep Interruptions on a Medical-Surgical Unit


    •An Approach to Recruitment and Retention of Certified Nursing Assistants: Using Innovation and Collaboration


    •Delineation of Nursing Supervisor Role: A Pilot Study                           


    •The Experience of Being a Millennial Nurse Manager                            


    •Implementation of an Innovative Nurse-Driven Resuscitation Protocol    


    •Building a Practice-Focused Academic Practice Partnership                  


    •Mentoring Clinical Nurses Towards a Just Culture: Successful Implementation of Nursing Peer Case Review


    •A Typology of Innovations in Nursing