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December 2020 - Volume 50 - Issue 12

  • Karen S. Hill, DNP, RN, NEA-BC, FACHE, FAAN
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​Dear Nurse Leaders,

The December edition of JONA fiinishes the year with studies supporting issues perpetuated by the current pandemic as well as issues of ongoing concern for nurse leaders. As we all become more sensitive to issues of disparities in healthcare, Dr. Tammy Young presents a study evaluating the impact of race and insurance on hospital admissions through Emergency Departments for patients with CHF. This secondary data analysis reported that among this sample, race and presence of insurance did not appear to influence admission status however being seen in the ED in the previous 72 hours and the speciality of the consulting provider did. The author recommended that nurse leaders focus on severity of illness related to prevention of CHF readmissions and consider the value of palliative care in addressing symptom management in the management of this chronic condition. 

In an article on line only, Dillon Dzikowicz and her co-authors present a study evaluating all RN staffing as compared to mixed-skill staffing. The study compared two units in regards to patient complications, and staff and patient satisfaction. The team on the all RN unit was named "All-RN Acute Medicine Unit" or ARMED. Both units were part of the hospital medicine service. The authors present the responsibilites of both unit teams in the article. The nurse to patient ratio transitioned from 1:4-1:5 on the mixed unit to 1:3-1:5 with the all RN unit (no UAPs). Outcomes were followed for one year. The authors also report that the cost of both units was fairly consistent. 

Also on line, Phan and Radovich discuss their experiences and suggestions for a virtual Magnet survey. Wtih good planning and communication with ANCC, the authors emphasize the need for a strong partnership with IT and nursing to execute the visit.  

As I reflect on 2020, I note in my Editorial Thank You that this has truly been the "Year of the Nurse and Midwife". Little did we know that we would face one of the greatest challenges of our lifetime in leading pandemic responses, providing support for clinicians and dealing with emerging information and guidelines. Many of you know I am also a COO/CNO of a busy Magnet designated community hospital. I have never been so proud of the nurses I work with as I have been this year. They come to work when they are tired and concerned about their own health because the truly care about our patients. The have held hands during sad times and celebrated deliveries as new families begin. I know my challenges are not unique and I wanted to take this time to say thank you to our readers for all you have done, for your continued support of JONA and for your commitment to our profession. Nurses have a right to stand tall and proud. 
Best wishes for a safe holiday season and praying for health for all in 2021. 

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