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January 2021 - Volume 51 - Issue 1

  • Karen S. Hill, DNP, RN, NEA-BC, FACHE, FAAN
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​Dear Nurse Leaders,

Welcome to 2021. We all hope and pray for wellness and health this year. The January 2021 edition of JONA begins our 51st year of print. During this time, JONA has become one of the most well regarded scholarly nursing leadership journals. I truly appreciate the support of our Editorial Board, Peer Reviewers and of course, the authors who submit great work to be disseminated. 

In the January edition, topics range from organizational safety climate to exploring the characteristics of DAISY nominees to developing a mobile hospital for disaster relief. 

Dr. Cynthia Bacon and her co-authors present "Exploring the Association Between Organizational Safety Climate, Failure to Rescue, and Mortality in Inpatient Surgical Units". In this study, the authors discuss the components of a hospital culture of patient safety and the program of crew resource management. This study also included employed physicians among the respondents. The study conclusions contain some specific recommendations regarding failure to rescue among medical/surgical units. 

Dr. Julie McCulloh Nair and co-authors present a study evaluating the characteristics and behavioral traits of DAISY honorees and nominees. The study identified three themes: Caring, Knowledge/Skills and Reliabiliity most common among nominees. 
Dr. Robyn Neely and co-authors describe a project at Atrium Health which has resulted in a mobile ED for disaster relief. The MED-1 (Mobile Emergency Department) is described from the beginning and as a part of this article, the authors include photos and designs of the field hospital as supplemental digital content. 

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  • ​​  Reinventing the Delivery of Care in a New Women and Children's Center Using an Integrated Lean Model
  •   The Scope of Hospital-Based Simulation
  •   Hospital Nurses; Willingness to Respond in a Disaster
  •   An Examination of Work Characteristics, Fatigue, and Recovery Among Acute Care Nurses
  •   Interactive Learning for Nurses Through Gamification
  •   Standardizing Multidisciplinary Discharge Planning Rounds to Improve Patient Perceptions of Care Transitions
  •   Examining Associations With Mental, Well-Being and Faith in Nurses
  •   Tiered Model of Nurse Staffing for Critical Care and Emergency Deparments in the Wake of a Pandemic
  •   A Framework for Nursing Excellence
  •   Elevating the Contribution of teh Clinical Nurse: An Interview with Jeffrey Doucette
  •   Satisfaction and Technology Acceptance of Staff Regarding Use of Continuous Video Monitoring
  •   Nurse Leaders' Experiences and Learnings Navigating Through the Chaos of a Pandemic