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June 2020 - Volume 50 - Issue 6

  • Karen S. Hill, DNP, RN, NEA-BC, FACHE, FAAN
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​Dear Nurse Leaders,

The June 2020 issue of JONA begins with an editorial from Dr. Robyn Begley, the Chief Executive Officer of AONL. Dr.Begley discusses her clinical experiences and lessons learned as an OB/GYN nurse and application to the new direction of AONL.. 
Department columns are very popular with our readers.This month we have an on-line only Spotlight on Caring authored by Dr. Beth Beckman from Yale University Health System. Dr. Beckman's column, "COVID-10 Never Seen Anything Like This Ever!" discusses challenges she feels nurse executives will have in the future from the current pandemic and unknown pandemics in the future.

In the "Spotlight on Innovation" Carol Boston-Fleischhauer, CNO of the Advisory Board, talks about the practice environment for nurse executives in the future. Carol's suggestions include handling market disruption, ways that organizations can experiment on innovative concepts, developing new cultures, and the leadership skills required to inspire and lead these efforts. 

In "Spotlight on Clinical Care", Courtney Johnson and co-authors present a unique nurse shadowing program for first year medical residents. The project evaluation revealed that the residents demonstrated a deeper understanding of nursing workflow and enhanced communication. 

In the "Magnet Perspectives" column, Dr. Maureen Lal, Director of the Magnet Recognition Program, discusses the imperative to keep the momemtum of the Year of the Nurse going. Dr. Lal emphasizes the need to keep raising the voice of nursing, as well as the ongoing need to have nurses leading problem-solving. Dr. Lal also speaks to why a culture of inquiry is necessary to succeed in the future. 

As you can see, the department columns are quick reads with important opinions and projects that may spur ideas or inspiration for you and your leadership teams. I am open to queries to the Editor on ideas for department topics throughout the year. Feel free to email me if you have a question or potential topic of interest to our readers. Our Guidelines for Authors are available on our website

Melora Ferren, MSN, RN-BC, the Social Media Coordinator for JONA, continues to post weekly on Twitter highlighting a topic from the journal. The Twitter address for JONA is #JONANurseLeader.  



  •     Passing the Chief Nursing Officer Baton: The Importance of Succession Planning and Transformational Leadership
  •     Call to Action to Run for an Elected Office, Lessons Learned from a State Senate Candidate
  •     Building Teams and Trust: An Interview With Ann Marie T. Brooks
  •     Development and Evaluation of a Nurse Leadership Succession Planning Strategy in an Academic Medical Center
  •     Creating Microclimates of Change: Data Transparency in Quality Performance Data
  •     Do Magnet Designated Hospitals Perform Better on Medicare's Value-Based Purchasing Program?
  •     Empowering Nurses: Creation of a Peer-Review Journal as a Catalyst for Innovative Nursing Research and Enhancing Evidence-Based Nursing Practice  
  •      Emergency Preparedness Competencies Among Nurses: Implications for Nurse Administrators
  •      African American Nurses' Perspectives on a Leadership Development Program
  •      Theory-Driven Evaluation of a Multi-Site Nursing Professional Practice Model
  •      Integration of Advance Care Planning into Clinical Practice: A Quality Improvement Project for Leaders