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September 2020 - Volume 50 - Issue 9

  • Karen S. Hill, DNP, RN, NEA-BC, FACHE, FAAN
  • 0002-0443
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  • 11 issues / year
  • Nursing: 70/123
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​Dear Nurse Leaders,

The September edition of JONA presents studies on topics that continue to perplex nurse leaders. In this edition are topics including shift length, fall prevention, the role of Clinical Nurse Specialists in the community, the value of the electronic health record on time spent by nursing in documentation, optimizing nurse engagement and authentic leadership. 

In "Fall Prevention Decision-Making of Acute Care Registered Nurses" the authors present a study evaluating the perceptions of clinical nurses immediately after a recent shift. Nurses reported themes including a fear of discipline for going outside hospital policies related to fall assessment and interventions, questions regarding the value of bed alarms and a lack of trust related to their critical assessment of the patient related to fall risk. The authors suggest evaluating the practice environment to ensure the input of clinical nurses is valued, that self-reporting without fear of shame or reprimand is supported and the usability and value of technology is evaluated. 

Dr. Rosanne Raso and co-authors present a study evaluating clincial nurse perceptions of authentic nurse leadership and work environment. In this article, the authors report the study participants mostly reported the presence of authentic leadership among their managers however, two areas of concern were appropriate staffing and true collaboration. 

A writing team from Emory Healthcare presents a Spotlight on Caring column on their work managing community transitions of COVID-19 patients. This is a good example of generosity on the part of authors frequently found in JONA. The authors have included as supplemental digital content, which can be accessed as a link to their article on our web site, their dashboard, the model supporting the program, and the tiered triage system. 

Please email me if you have a question or potential topic of interest to our readers at Our Guidelines for Authors are available on our website

Melora Ferren, MSN, RN-BC, the Social Media Coordinator for JONA, continues to post weekly on Twitter highlighting a topic from the journal. The Twitter address for JONA is #JONANurseLeader.  



  •     Retaining Generation Y Nurses: Preferred Characteristics of Their Nurse Managers
  •     Inpatient Nurses' Perception of Workplace Violence Based on Specialty
  •     Second Victim Support: Nurses' Perceptives of Organizational Support After an Adverse Effect
  •     Measuring Unlicensed Assistive Personnel Perceptions of a Healthy work Environment in Acute Care Settings, Part 4
  •     The Business Case for Magnet in an International Hospital
  •     Mitigating the Adverse Effects of 12-Hour Shifts: Nursing Leaders' Perspectives
  •     The Effect of Nurse Practice Environment on Retention and Quality of Care via Burnout, Work Characteristics, and Resilience: A Moderated Mediation Model
  •     Interprofessional Collaboration: A Model for Nurse Executives to Follow to Support Magnet Designation
  •     Magnet Perspectives: Pivoting During a Pandemic
  •     DAISY: Gratitude that Transcends the Moment
  •     Optimal Allocation of Nursing Resources: An Interview with Robyn Begley, DNP, RN, NEA-BC, Pamela F. Cipriano, PhD, RN, NEA-BC, FAAN, and Todd Nelson, FHFMA, MBA
  •      Leadership After a Crisis: The Application of Psychological First Aid