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June 2022 - Volume 52 - Issue 6

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Published November 2021
​​​​Dear Nurse Colleagues, 

The May 2022 edition of JONA begins with a thoughtful Guest Editorial from Emma L.Kurnat-Thoma, PhD, MS, RN, FAAN, entitled "Laudato Si Lessons : Nurses Recognizing Our Responsibility in Climate Science and Health Systems Resilience". Dr. Kurnat-Thoma discusses the global environmental crisis and the ethical responsibilities of leaders, including those in healthcare, to positively affect this issue. Healthcare leaders can use the ecologic philosophy and framework presented in this article to prioritize addressing the climate crisis by linking COVID-19 recovery responses and other organizational initiatives to the design of stronger, more equitable, and climate-resilient healthcare institutions and workplaces.

In “Analyzing the Cost of Hospital Contact Isolation Practices Implications for Nursing Administrator Practice, Research, and Policy", Dr. Deborah Saber and co-authors present an interesting and related study to the article by Dr. Kurnat-Thoma evaluating the use and cost of personal protective equipment (PPE) and contact isolation related cost in the care of MRSA patients. In this study, the authors evaluate both supply use and the cost of waste management. Forty-three percent of the cost associated with these patients was related to PPE. Implications for nurse administrators include reevaluating activities that require PPE and partnering with materials and human factor engineers to develop more financially and environmentally sustainable infection control practices.

In a Spotlight on Leadership column, "Leader Standard Work A Model for Improving Efficiencies in Leadership and Healthcare", Stephanie Kupec, MSN, RN​ and co-authors have written a brief review of leader standard work and suggestions for nurse leaders including nurse executives, to use this framework to help maximize time as a valuable resource. 
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Guest Editorial

Magnet® Perspectives

Spotlight on Workforce

Spotlight on Leadership

Spotlight on Clinical Care

Comparing the Nurse Work Environment, Job Satisfaction, and Intent to Leave Among Military, Magnet®, Magnet-Aspiring, and Non-Magnet Civilian Hospitals

Patrician, Patricia A.; Olds, Danielle M.; Breckenridge-Sproat, Sara; More

JONA: The Journal of Nursing Administration. 52(6):365-370, June 2022.

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-Nurse-Patient Ratios to Workload Intensity Staffing: What Helps and Hinders the Change

-Nursing Work Environment Staffing Councils: An Alternative to Mandatory Regulated Staffing Ratios

-A Crosswalk Analysis between Magnet® Standards and Clinical Nurse Specialist Practice Competencies

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