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​Association of Physicians of India, Karnataka chapter is an organization catering to the scientific needs of more than 1000 specialists of Internal Medicine both teaching and non-teaching physicians, and was started nearly 40 years ago. It had its first journal named as Karnataka Medical Journal (KMJ) more than 30 years ago, which was changed to Karnataka Journal of Medical Sciences (KJMS) 10 years later. As the association grew, and as the number of Medical colleges in the state increased, the need for a journal with a wider perspective was thought of, and since KMJ and KJMS indicated that the journal was confined to Karnataka state, Its name was changed to Journal of Internal Medicine, Research, Reviews and Reports (JIM 3R) in 2015 under the leadership of Dr.M.Premanath, as Editor in Chief and six eminent researchers as editorial board members. A galaxy of researchers par excellence in different fields of Internal Medicine and its sub specialties from​ abroad and Karnataka formed the editorial advisory board. The journal ran well, published original research, reviews, case reports etc, for three years. Then the organization of API KC and the EB thought that this was not enough. The publication of the journal was handed over to Wolters-Kluwer Medknow in 2019, the International publishers of great repute and the journal’s name was changed to APIK Journal of Internal Medicine (AJIM) and it has grown by leaps and bounds in a short span of a year. The journal has an online as well as the print version. The print version is free to all its bonafide members and others need to subscribe. The journal has gone truly International as articles are being received not only from Karnataka but also from other parts of India and overseas. The journal is an open access one and is not charging anything to the articles accepted for publication at present. The submission is only online and articles are peer-reviewed. The journal follows ICMJE guidelines strictly. The journal is registered with many agencies and is on the verge of indexing with the concerned agencies. It is a boon to all the teaching faculty of Medical colleges here and elsewhere as the MCI wants original articles to be published in the indexed print version of the journal. The members of API KC are requested to use this opportunity to send their original research papers to the journal and make it grow internationally. The society’s website is www.apikarnataka.org.