Long Term Effects of COVID-19 in Occupational Health: Economic and Societal Impacts

In recognition of the HHS “National Research Action Plan on Long COVID", JOEM is officially instituting a call for papers to address:

1. The multifaceted effects of long COVID-19 symptoms on work, care models, health inequities, and racial disparities especially in underserved communities that were impacted to a greater extent by COVID-19,

2. Economic costs of projected long haul care and workforce effects,

3. Social security disability projections and models, and 4. Health and socioeconomic burdens that will result from long COVID.

Please submit your original research to JOEM as the Long Haul COVID category​.

All papers will publish, if accepted, in this category as Accelerated Online Only and FREE to assure the timeliest dissemination of the results to all interested stakeholders.