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A Retention Strategy for Newly Graduated Nurses: An Integrative Review of Orientation Programs

Park, Mihyun; Jones, Cheryl B.

Journal For Nurses in Staff Development (JNSD). 26(4):142-149, July-August 2010.

Effect of Reflective Practice Education on Self-Reflection, Insight, and Reflective Thinking Among Experienced Nurses: A Pilot Study

Asselin, Marilyn E.; Fain, James A.

Journal for Nurses in Professional Development. 29(3):111-119, May/June 2013.

Developing the Preceptorship Evaluation Survey: A Multifaceted Approach Including Cognitive Interviews

Moore, Marsha L.

Journal for Nurses in Staff Development (JNSD). 25(5):249-253, September-October 2009.

Teaching Prioritization Skills: A Preceptor Forum

Nelson, Joyce L.; Kummeth, Patricia J.; Crane, Laurie J.; More

Journal for Nurses in Staff Development (JNSD). 22(4):172-178, July-August 2006.