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Continuing Nursing Education

  • Updated:   8/23/2020
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Articles in this collection focus on NPD practitioners enhancing nursing practice through education, to improve the health of the public and the pursuit of the nurses' professional goals.

Unifying Nursing Education Across the Care Continuum: Creating Consistency in Organ Transplant

Mangold, Kara

Journal for Nurses in Professional Development. 36(2):63-67, March/April 2020.

Patients with complex healthcare needs, such as those undergoing organ transplantation, must receive consistent care and patient education across the care continuum for successful self-management. A coordinated effort to unify nursing education across acute care and ambulatory practices was successful; benefits included reduction in redundancy of effort on the part of nursing professional development specialists and assured compliance with regulatory requirements. The nursing professional development standards of practice were essential in guiding this program to success.