December 2010 - Volume 34 - Issue 4
pp: 181-232

Functional and Corticomotor Changes in Individuals With Tetraplegia Following Unimanual or Bimanual Massed Practice Training With Somatosensory Stimulation: A Pilot Study

Hoffman, Larisa R.; Field-Fote, Edelle C.

Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy. 34(4):193-201, December 2010.

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Duration: 16:14
Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy December 2010, Volume 34, Issue 4;
In the December issue of JNPT, the Profile PD - a new assessment for individuals in early and mid-stages of Parkinson Disease, rehabilitation of hand function for individuals with cervical SCI, and two case studies on walking function in individuals poststroke.