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Golden Synapse Award Articles

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  • Updated:   3/21/2020
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The Golden Synapse Award is presented annually to the outstanding manuscript of the year. This collection contains all the articles that have won the Golden Synapse Award from 1997 through the present.

Effects of 2 Years of Exercise on Gait Impairment in People With Parkinson Disease: The PRET-PD Randomized Trial

Rafferty, Miriam R.; Prodoehl, Janey; Robichaud, Julie A.; More

Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy. 41(1):21-30, January 2017.

A Randomized Feasibility Study of a 12-Week Community-Based Exercise Program for People With Huntington's Disease

Busse, Monica; Quinn, Lori; Debono, Katy; More

Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy. 37(4):149-158, December 2013.