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Physical Therapy for Parkinson Disease: Mechanisms and Interventions

Physical therapy and exercise are recognized as important components in the management of Parkinson disease (PD), often prescribed in conjunction with pharmacological and surgical interventions.  However, there remains a lack of knowledge regarding how disease severity or motor phenotype influence outcomes of treatments intended to prevent disability and improve function, movement, and mobility in persons with PD. In fact, even the degree to which PD affects motor learning, the basis of neurorehabilitation, is not fully understood.

A more thorough understanding of the effects of PD on motor learning, as well as interventions that may improve function, movement and mobility in people with PD could improve the ability of physical therapists to optimize outcomes and reduce disability.

This special issue recognizes the important role of neurologic physical therapy and exercise in managing PD, and seeks manuscripts that provide a deeper understanding of effective treatments for people with PD, as well as possible mechanisms underlying improvement.

Please note: this is a competitive call for papers. Prospective authors are encouraged to contact the Special Issue Editors: Terry Ellis (tellis@bu.edu), Lee Dibble (Lee.Dibble@hsc.Utah.edu), or Daniel Peterson (daniel.peterson1@asu.edu) regarding their submission. First drafts will be due on March 1, 2018 with electronic publication (ePub)/MedLine indexing following acceptance, and a target JNPT print publication date of January 2019.

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