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A Nursing Pilot Study on Bedside Reporting to Promote Best Practice and Patient/Family-Centered Care

Tidwell, Tracy; Edwards, Jessica; Snider, Emily; More

Journal of Neuroscience Nursing. 43(4):E1-E5, August 2011.

Fluid Balance Monitoring for Adults With Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage: Retrospective Audit

Whiteley, Lucinda; Lai, Ken; Simpson, Marion; More

Journal of Neuroscience Nursing. 41(6):E7-E12, December 2009.

Implementation of an Early Mobility Pathway in Neurointensive Care Unit Patients With External Ventricular Devices

Moyer, Megan; Young, Bethany; Wilensky, Eileen Maloney; More

Journal of Neuroscience Nursing. 49(2):102-107, April 2017.

A Patient Care Program for Adjusting the Autoinjector Needle Depth According to Subcutaneous Tissue Thickness in Patients With Multiple Sclerosis Receiving Subcutaneous Injections of Glatiramer Acetate

Masid, Maria Luisa Sánchez; Ocaña, Rosalía Horno; Gil, María Jesús Díaz; More

Journal of Neuroscience Nursing. 47(1):E22-E30, February 2015.