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McNelis Angela; Musick, Beverly; Austin, Joan; Dunn, David; Creasy, Karen
Journal of Neuroscience Nursing: June 1998
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The Child Report of Psychosocial Care Scale was used to measure children's satisfaction with health care received, need for information and support and seizure-related concerns and fears in children with new-onset seizures. The sample of 63 children (33 girls and 30 boys), 8–14 years, completed the scale two times, 3 months and 6 months after their first seizure. Results indicated that children need the most nursing care in two areas: information related to the seizure condition, especially managing their condition, and support, in the form of talking to other children with seizures. The scale provides direction for tailored nursing interventions that will meet the specific needs of children with seizures for information and support.

Questions or comments about this article may be directed to: Joan Austin, DNS, RN, Indiana University School of Nursing, 1111 Middle Drive, NU492, Indianapolis, Indiana 46202. She is a professor at the Indiana University School of Nursing.

Angela McNelis, RN, MS, MSN, is a PhD candidate at Indiana University School of Nursing in Indianapolis.

Beverly Musick. MS, is a data analyst at Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis.

David Dunn, MD, is a pediatric at Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis.

Karen Creasy, RN, MSN, is a clinical nurse at University of Tennessee in Memphis, Tennessee.

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