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Michaeli-Cohen Adi M.D.; Almog, Yehoshua M.D.; Loewenstein, Anat M.D.; Stolovitch, Chaim M.D.; Gutman, Izaac M.D.; Lazar, Moshe M.D.
Journal of Neuro-Ophthalmology: March 1996
A Case Report: PDF Only

A 68-year-old woman presented with diplopia. Fluctuations of dysfunction of lateral rectus muscles in both eyes were detected on consecutive examinations. The diagnosis of ocular myasthenia was proposed. After the initiation of therapy, the patient complained of disturbing micropsia. The micropsia and diplopia were relieved by occlusion of one eye or by a base-out prism over one of the patient's eyeglass lenses. Mechanisms of micropsia are discussed.

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