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Intracranial Hypertension in a Dieting Patient

Sirdofsky Michael m.d.; Kattah, Jorge m.d.; Macedo, Pablo m.d.
Journal of Neuro-Ophthalmology: March 1994
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We report a case of encephalopathy with paranoid psychosis in association with intracranial hypertension. This occurred in a patient whose diet consisted almost solely of walnuts, ginseng tea, and vitamin A supplements. The patient was found to be severely iron- and vitamin B12-deficient. She was vitamin A toxic. Venous sinus thrombosis was also present. Symptoms remitted with serial lumbar punctures, normalization of diet, and repletion of vitamin B12 and iron stores. Physicians should be alerted to the possibility of a potentially confusing clinical presentation with coexistent and seemingly mutually exclusive neruologic conditions in patients with extremely restricted or fad diets.

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