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January/March 2020 - Volume 35 - Issue 1
pp: 1-94,E1-E13

Creator: Soncrant, Christina MPH; Neily, Julia RN, MS, MPH; Bulat, Tatjana MD, CMD; Mills, Peter D. PhD, MS
Duration: 8:08
Journal of Nursing Care Quality January/March 2020, Volume 35, Issue 1;
Injurious falls continue to challenge health care. Learn about this study that analyzed root cause analysis reports on falls and coded injury type, fall type, location, and root causes. There were 154 reported fall RCAs during the study period. Most (83%, n = 128) falls resulted in major injury: hip fractures (43%, n = 66), other fractures (25%, n = 38), and head injury (16%, n = 24). Most falls were unwitnessed (75%, n = 116). Patients who fell were not wearing hip or head protection. These interventions may help prevent future injurious falls. After you watch this informative video, read the full article.