Nurses' Perception of the Impact of Electronic Documentation on the Nurse-Patient Relationship

Video Author:Misto, Kara, PhD, RN; Padula, Cynthia, PhD, RN; Bryand, Elizabeth, BSN, RN-BC; Nadeau, Kate, MPH, RN

Published on:April 09, 2019

While there are many benefits of EMR documentation, the presence of a computer may adversely affect provider-patient interaction. The purpose of this project was to examine staff nurses' perception of the impact of electronic documentation in the presence of the patient on the nurse-patient relationship. A survey was administered to 276 staff nurses, and open-ended interviews were conducted with 11 novice and 20 expert nurses. Nurses identified benefits and challenges to EMR documentation and strategies to maintain therapeutic relationships and communication. Dr Misto explains the study in this video and article.