Five-For-Life in a Nutshell

Video Author:Ruth Bala-Kerr, DNP, RN, MSN, CNS, CPHQ, NE-BC Brittany Sullivan, RN, BSN Shelley Martin, RN

Published on:November 09, 2022

Poor leadership and teamwork in CPR are associated with poor patient outcomes. Frontline nursing staff frequently identify patients in cardiac arrest but may not have the initial leadership and teamwork skills to organize their initial rescue response. The Five-4-Life QI program was pilot tested in a pediatric unit within a 510- bed acute care hospital. Descriptive statistical tests indicated a significant improvement in leadership, teamwork, and task management scores pre- and post-program, and sustained after the program. Implementing the Five-4-Life QI program is feasible in improving leadership, teamwork, and task management of first responding frontline nurses. Read the full article after watching this video.