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Clinical Nurse Leader Knowledge Production to Quality Improvement in a Seamless Trajectory: A Participatory Research Approach

Clarifying Role Expectations and Practice Standards Using a Clinical Nurse Leader Professional Practice Model Illustration

Developing the Clinical Nurse Leader Survey Instrument: A Modified Delphi Study

Applying the PDSA Framework to Examine the Use of the Clinical Nurse Leader to Evaluate Pressure Ulcer Reporting

Driving Innovation in Health Care: Clinical Nurse Leader Role

Clinical Nurse Leader–Integrated Care Delivery: An Approach to Organizing Nursing Knowledge Into Practice Models That Promote Interprofessional, Team-Based Care

Implementation of a Follow-up Telephone Call Process for Patients at High Risk for Readmission

Use of Chlorhexidine to Prevent Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia in a Long-term Care Setting: A Retrospective Medical Record Review

Clinical Site Development for the Clinical Nurse Leader in a Rural Primary Care Setting

Improving Quality on the Telemetry Unit: Back to Basics

Evaluation of Role Acquisition and Preparation for the CNL Certification Examination Through an Online Immersion Course