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Oral hygiene

Pause and reset

Grover, Harpreet Singh Secretary, Indian Society of Periodontology, Chief Consultant

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Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology: Sep–Oct 2022 - Volume 26 - Issue 5 - p 424
doi: 10.4103/jisp.jisp_322_22
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The recent COVID-19 pandemic has once again reiterated to all of us in no uncertain terms to not to consider our oral cavity ecosystem as somehow detached from the rest of our body systems. The two firmly connected to each other via the blood. Therefore, essentially meaning a healthy mouth to be a gateway of overall health.

This task of keeping the mouth clean and disease free is achieved by practicing regular dental/oral hygiene. Not only good oral hygiene allows us to perform functions like speech, mastication and swallowing it is also a determinant of oral health related quality of life and thus a key indicator of wellbeing.

Having understood the fact that practicing good oral hygiene has limitless gains, time has come to revaluate our current thinking. We must now focus much more on building good oral hygiene for kids and as a society perhaps collaborate in a mission mode with our sister paediatric dentistry society. Working with children, pre-teens and teens to create good oral hygiene habits early on can go a long way towards a lifetime of healthy smiles, beautiful aesthetics and impeccable oral functions. Inculcating proper brushing, flossing, rinsing, gum massage, tongue cleaning habits and educating children about semi - annual professional cleaning and oral cavity examination will help in making targeted and customised oral care plans. This will help our children community to get rid of any bad habits they have acquired at a much earlier dateline than continuing with it for a longer period. Another benefit of this exercise would be getting out of the feeling of unease and acquiring a certain degree of trust and comfort in the dentist at an early age itself.

Food rich in vitamins, minerals and other macro and micro nutrients helps preventing gum disease and the earlier this agenda is set the better preventive results will be achieved. Sensitizing children towards a limited snacking will also help achieve a better 'tooth care' and 'gum care' at a much early age. Setting of these early routines can be the best possible community service Indian Society of Periodontology can offer by way of its avowed objective of being a front organization dedicated to the community welfare activities for the patients suffering from the periodontal diseases because ultimately today's infants will become tomorrow's seniors and healthy families alone can result in healthy communities.

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