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Journal of the Italian Surgical Association (JISA): the time has come!

Corcione, Francescoa

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Il Giornale di Chirurgia – Journal of the Italian Surgical Association 42(4):p e17, December 2022. | DOI: 10.1097/IA9.0000000000000014
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Dear colleagues, after a short but intense gestation period, filled with discussion and uncertainty: here we are!

Welcome to the first issue of the Journal of the Italian Surgical Association (JISA).

First of all, my heartfelt thanks to the presidents of Associazione Chirurghi Ospedalieri Italiani (ACOI), Piero Marini, and Marco Scatizzi, and to the entire board of directors, for inviting me to be editor-in-chief of the magazine.

Believe me when I say that, in my life, I have dedicated myself to the widest possible variety of projects: a university training course, a long hospital path as director of a Complex Operating Unit, ending with a return to university as a Full Professor of Surgery. I have organized congresses, I have been part of the Faculty of high-level national and international congresses, I have been president of many scientific societies and advisor to others, I have worked all over the world: still, so far I have never had a role of such commitment and prestige.

So, I would like to thank once again all those who chose me; my goal is not to disappoint their expectations.

Of course, with the arrival of a new journal, the following objection could be raised: was there really a need for another surgical magazine?

Beyond any consideration, I believe that the birth of a new creature is always an event to rejoice in and never to regret. This new creature—yes, I make the comparison with a newborn—can only donate prestige and opportunity to its large Italian surgical family. It will not hinder the future of the older children, but indeed grant new energy and benefits to everyone.

Beyond this analogy, I believe that Italian surgery, in its different professional facets, can only be excited by the birth of this creature that will certainly offer more and more scientific opportunities to the thousands of Italian surgeons (and not only Italian), who will want to contribute to its growth and, consequently, benefit from it.

Obviously, we are talking about a creature which is born today and that, like all newborns, requires care, attention, healthy nourishment, and prudent vigilance to grow well and continually progress. It is the offspring of an Italian magazine that achieved great editorial heights in the past, thanks to the energy, tenacity, and skills of its publisher, Professor Giorgio Di Matteo. He continues to be part of the organization chart, and I thank him for the immense work done so far, as well as for having accepted the invitation to remain in the editorial board as Honorary Editor.

The journal promises to be dynamic, modern, and with great potential for rapid growth in the landscape of surgical journals. The title of the journal refers to the surgical associations, who have the honor and burden of supporting this editorial initiative.

The interest of the Italian scientific community in this new editorial proposal is highlighted by the fact that many surgeons have already submitted work for publication and—above all—by the interest of dozens of surgeons of all ages and surgical backgrounds, who sent in their applications, with their curriculum attached, wanting to be part of the peer-review of the journal.

There is history, there are hopes, there is the will to grow, there is the commitment of everyone to ensure that this magazine can flourish, and swiftly mature from today’s newborn into the solidity of an adult.

It is born in a hard world, but we have equipped ourselves with a great team, led enthusiastically by our vice editors Felice Borghi and Marco Catarci. With seriousness and dedication on the part of all I am convinced that we will achieve great goals.

The ACOI has done its best: now it’s up to us! Italian and non-Italian surgeons, it is now our responsibility to develop in the quickest—and of course in the best—possible way.

The Journal of the Italian Surgical Association (JISA) will be open to all those who wish to contribute to the creation of another great Italian surgery magazine.

It will be testing, but the Italian surgeon always knows how to challenge his present and above all his future. And now, to work everyone!

Copyright © 2022 The Authors. Published on behalf of the Associazione Chirurghi Ospedalieri Italiani and Wolters Kluwer.