May 2023 - Volume 41 - Issue 5 : Journal of Hypertension

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May 2023 - Volume 41 - Issue 5
pp: 683-873

It is strongly recommended to not conduct, fund, or publish research studies that use spot urine samples with estimating equations to assess individuals’ sodium (salt) intake in association with health outcomes: a policy statement of the World Hypertension League, International Society of Hypertension and Resolve to Save Lives

Campbell, Norman R.C.; Whelton, Paul K.; Orias, Marcelo; More

Journal of Hypertension. 41(5):683-686, May 2023.

Prevalence of masked hypertension and its association with left ventricular hypertrophy in children and young adults with chronic kidney disease: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Goulas, Ioannis; Evripidou, Kleo; Doundoulakis, Ioannis; More

Journal of Hypertension. 41(5):699-707, May 2023.

Seasonal variation in blood pressure control across US health systems

Nilles, Ester Kim; Champon, XiaoXia; Mulder, Hillary; More

Journal of Hypertension. 41(5):751-758, May 2023.

Accuracy of automated cuff blood pressure monitors in special populations: International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Task Group report and call for research

Stergiou, George S.; Menti, Ariadni; Asayama, Kei; More

Journal of Hypertension. 41(5):811-818, May 2023.